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Roger Bramble1

Villagers gather around a funeral home vehicle containing the body of Roger Bramble, which was found in Brighton on Monday. (Photo: IWN)

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Police are investigating the death of a Sion Hill man whose bullet-riddled body was found in Brighton on Monday, the second such discovery in three days.

Detective Station Sgt. Trevor Bailey told reporters at the scene on Monday that the body of 25-year-old Roger Bramble was discovered around 10 a.m. on Monday.

He said that it seems as if the body had already begun to decompose when two villagers saw it along the bank of a stream in an area of Brighton called “Quata”.

Bailey said that residents of the area recalled hearing gunshots Saturday night, but officers of the Rapid Response Unit (“Blck Squad”) did not find anything untoward when they responded that same night.

He said Bramble’s family has said that he did not return home since Saturday and his mother lodged a missing person report with police on Sunday.

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Police Conduct Investigation Outside A House, Which Is Said To Have Been Struck By Bullets During The Gunfire On Saturday. (Photo: Iwn) police conduct investigation outside a house, which is said to have been struck by bullets during the gunfire on saturday. (photo: iwn)

Two residents of the area told I-Witness News separately on Monday that they counted 13 gunshots Saturday night.

Another woman said that she counted about 20 gunshots, but added that she was so scared she might have miscounted.

One man told I-Witness News that while police did not find anything untoward when they responded Saturday night, he felt as if someone was shot, having heard someone cry out “O God!” during the gunfire.

Residents say that Bramble had not been living in the area for a long time, with one man saying, “He passed through for a short time.”

“But since he come around here, nobody ever found him doing anything,” another resident added.

Bramble’s Body Was Discovered On The Left Bank Of This Stream In “Quata”, Brighton. (Photo: Iwn)
Bramble’s body was discovered on the left bank of this stream in “quata”, brighton. (photo: iwn)

Meanwhile, Bailey told reporters that police are threating as “separate and distinct from each other” the deaths of Bramble and Rillan Hill resident Miranda “Wiggy” Williams, 34, who was found dead in Penniston on Saturday.

Williams was last seen at a shop about 200 yards away from her home.

Reports suggested that she was abducted and killed.

Her mother, Monica Williams, told I-Witness News on Sunday that Miranda has complained about being threatened repeatedly by someone and had reported the threats to police at least once.

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Police said on Monday that Williams received a gunshot to the chest around 10:50 p.m. Friday.

The Body Of Miranda &Quot;Wiggy&Quot; Williams, Was Found In Penniston On Saturday. (Click To Read Story)
The body of miranda “wiggy” williams, was found in penniston on saturday. (click to read story)
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  1. Way the tail is this? What happen to SVG. Muddawuk, too much now man, get these guns off the streets, where are people getting these firearms from. too much guns on SVG roads.

  2. Oh how wonderful St.Vincent land of the blessed. You are doing great, a murder almost every week. Let’s see if we can make that a record of 52 by the end of the year. Now that would certainly show great we truly are. I remember they days when guns were very rare at home, now it seems that any one can get one. I wonder how they get into the country. There are drive by shootings, broad daylight robberies and shootings, yet no one sees any thing. We no longer hang people for murder because NGO’s using some of our lawyers to say it is wrong. We have some very prominent (female) lawyers who would have you believe that all their clients are totally innocent. The whole is telling lies on them, a mosquito bit them when the were a kid, they stubbed their toe when they were young, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. I say hang the SOB’s when they are caught and to hell with what the rest of the world thinks. Get rid of these NGO’s that are spying on us and warping the minds of our people.

  3. Avatar Of Samantha SmithSamantha Smith says:

    Sad and heartbreaking for such country so small and beautiful, experiencing such violence and so often. I am repeatedly asked when will I and haven’t I visited? my question shall remain, for what? after 20+ yrs in new york I feel much safer head than going abroad to St Vincent with my children. I think we’re safer viewing postcards. Some people with no regards and respect for life, a country with others trying to survive day to day, are feared by the devil and his pestilence. They need to be electrocuted forget hanging. In due time tourism will decrease and no one will visit, and can you fault them. Unbelievable and sad.

  4. What and why do we have to compare murders with jamaica an t&t another life has been taken my some murderous culprit and we should see it as ” small change ” .for heavens sake some people should just refain from doing some things especially when its this stupid and offencive .

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