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Enesto Cooke, former host of the NDP's "New Times" programme. (IWN file photo)
Enesto Cooke, former host of the NDP’s “New Times” programme. (IWN file photo)
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Former spokesperson for the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) Ernesto Cooke says he has no legal matters pending against the party and that he has no plan to form a political party.

“I don’t have any legal matter pending with NDP, I don’t have any legal thing with them going on, I am not going to form my own party …” Cooke, a  former public relations officer for the NDP, said in a call to a radio station this week.

His call came as the radio station reported in its newscast that Cooke was considering legal action against his former employers over outstanding salaries.

Earlier this year, Cooke resigned as host of the NDP’s “New Times” programme on NICE Radio. He said in his resignation letter that he was leaving the party without any malice or ill will.

“When I resigned from the radio programme for the New Democratic Party, we had a meeting with the leadership of the party, we discussed how I am going to go about this and they promised certain things and they have been fulfilling.

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“And I wish for people to stop calling my name, because I am getting a bit tired,” Cooke said. “I am hearing all sorts of things, and you know in this country, when you start taking legal action against people, everybody say you are undemocratic,” he further stated.

Ahead of the general elections in 2010, Cooke expressed interest in becoming a candidate for the ruling Unity Labour Party.

He joined up with the NDP after the elections, which the ULP won eight seats to the NDP’s seven.

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  1. That’s the way you do things fellas. If the NDP owe him any money pay him because as the bible says by the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread, and the man worked for his money. And on that note I have to big up both sides for keeping things civil, life aint easy in SVG these days so try to work it out.

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