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Jomo Thomas, left, and Grenville Williams, photographed at funeral in Rillan Hill in April 2014. (IWN photo)
Jomo Thomas, left, and Grenville Williams, photographed at funeral in Rillan Hill in April 2014. (IWN photo)

The ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) will use the results of a poll — rather than a meeting of constituents — to decide who will be the party’s candidate in the next general elections, constitutionally due in December 2015.

Sen. Jomo Thomas, one of the persons vying to be the candidate, made the disclosure on his radio programme on Wednesday, saying that the party feels “it might be too fractious for us to have a meeting of constituency members”.

Thomas, a lawyer who is also Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, and Grenville Williams, also a lawyer and Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, are contending to be the candidate.

Their bids have seen party supporters calling on each other’s camp to stop the distribution of posters and pamphlets supporting the respective candidates.

Both candidates have said that they are confident that they will be chosen to run against the New Democratic Party’s Nigel “Nature” Stephenson — a former teacher — who will vie for a second consecutive term as MP for South Leeward, which the ULP considers among the marginal seats.

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“…the party has decided to go scientific and to have a pollster from outside St. Vincent and the Grenadines who would come in an do an assessment of the constituency, who the constituency people want, how do the candidates match up with the candidate of the opposition New Democratic Party,” Thomas said.

“And we know that that some forces were on the ground making that assessment and the anticipation is that anytime now, a decision would be made as it relates to who will carry the ULP banner in South Leeward,” he further said.

Thomas restated his support to whoever emerges as the ULP’s candidate.

“That is my commitment, my undertaking, and I am willing to do that. But I am absolutely, absolutely confident that based on the work that we have done over the last three months that I would be the ULP candidate.

“I think I offer the party the best chance of emerging victorious in South Leeward. I think I can best articulate the party’s policies and positions and ideas, project into the future as to what we did and what we would continue to do. And this is why I am so confident.”

Thomas said that he has canvassed the entire constituency and has received a positive response.

“The response has been very, very good and we don’t expect anything but a resounding yes from the ULP people in South Leeward as to who will best match up against the NDP in the upcoming general elections,” he told his radio audience.

7 replies on “Poll to decide ULP’s South Leeward candidate”

  1. Hhaah. Sometimes I just have to laugh. We have one candidate who is so concert with the word “struggle” that he doesn’t even open his eyes to what the Vincentians are going through. And we have another one who is in charge of a department that is doing a terrible job. What a place.

    I want to go on record of saying that Grenville should be fired when the ULP win election based on the sensitive information that came out in public that had to have come from his department. The teachers who contested didn’t get there job to this day, but we are not going to go down that dirty road with them, Grenville should be fired for his work ethic alone.

    And Jomo on the other hand have shown his true colors, progressives in SVG seem to think that putting their heels in people’s necks and looking down on people from some high place that exist in their mind alone as progress. SVG hasn’t progress since 2001 and not one person can debate me with that. Wheel and come again selector, those 2 tunes of yours are played out.

  2. I don’t normally say what I think ULP means but I think in this case it would say it means this.

    ULP = Ultimate losers Posing

  3. Mourine ramjeet says:

    This is s big joke. What happen to the democratic process of selecting a candidate?

    Why must a pollster from outside speak for the people?

    The people must vehemently reject this.

    Have a run off and let the people decide.

    When you take the selection process away from the people you are in essence tell them they do not know what is good for them.

    The party should use the membership list for this constituency as of April 2014
    And conduct a primary.

  4. Peter Binose says:

    Frick and Frack.

    “My choice early in life was either to be a piano-player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference”.

    Harry S. Truman

  5. Peter Binose says:

    [ULP] Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.

    John Quinton

  6. Jomo you have to be kidding. What policies and positions and ideas you want to articulate? Why now? How many years the ULP had to accomplish what you are spouting now? Why would anyone believe they will do anything different, especially since only 3 people hold and control the purse string? Forget about the future and do something right now.
    ULP cannot and will not do anything different if they get elected in 2015. Ralph doesn’t respect the other elected members opinions and they are have no say in important and unimportant issues. They should be ashamed to ask people in their constituencies to vote for them, because they haven’t been representing them. What have they done in their individual constituencies to enhance the living condition of the people they are supposed to represent?
    Jomo your article and speeches about struggle are a farce. You have been closing your eyes to the struggle many SVG nationals go through since ULP came to power. You will never get the nod to be the candidate. Ralph knows you would soon turn on Camillo once he leaves politics. I predicted some years ago that Ralph was clearing the deck to bring in Camillo and I was right. Do you think he’s going to leave anything to clutter the deck for Baby Doc? You are out Jomo and you have been placed on a leach for a while. Ralph knew how to disarm you and hang you out to dry.
    The cases you handle give an insight to your character and it’s not pleasant. You’d be surprise what one can see through the cases and people you defend. That’s one reason I believe why you are not fit to run for election. Sorry Jomo, but that’s my opinion and I am not backing the other joker. There’s too much baggage in his closet.

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