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Minister of Transportation Senator Julian Francis holds up decade-old notes of meeting with NOBA and says he is tired of the one and off discussions. (IWN photo)
Minister of Transportation Senator Julian Francis holds up decade-old notes of meeting with NOBA and says he is tired of the one and off discussions. (IWN photo)

Minister of Transportation Sen. Julian Francis has told minibus operators that a strong organisation would be more appealing and better positioned to negotiate with the government.

“If you get yourself organised and you become a forceful unit, every person who owns a minibus would want to become a member of your organisation. But right now, you are not organised, they won’t want to get involved with you,” he told a meeting of the National Omnibus Association (NOBA) on Sunday.

Francis, who is general secretary of the ruling Unity Labour Party, said that an organised minibus association could become stronger than him politically, but added that he is tired of the “stop and start” discussions, and pledged time to ensuring that the issues are dealt with.

“I am prepared to put in the transport officer and another member of the staff. The police, I know, will put somebody in it and you can have a body to discuss the progress, like we did in 2004, which feel apart,” he said, adding he would also attend meeting.

He, however, pointed out that in the last decade the only discussion between Ministry of Transport and NOBA related to the raising of fares.

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Francis said that farmers and fisherfolk get concession on vehicles and engines, respectively, because they are organised.

However, anyone can buy a personal vehicle and register it as H (for public transportation), he said.

Among other things, minibus operators are asking for concession on tyres and fuel.

“How do you identify a bona fide registered minibus operator? You therefore have to get yourself organised into a body,” he said, suggesting that out of the meeting a committee be formed.

Sunday’s meeting was a continuation of discussions that began in 2003.

NOBA is also asking for an express route, through Cane Garden, out of Kingstown, and out-of-city bus stops near Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, and FirstCaribbean International Bank.

“I can’t take right now to the cabinet a proposal for duty free on tyres,” Francis said, noting that the proposal was asking for concession on one brand of tyres.

Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, Superintendent of Police Kenneth John, Minister of Works, Sen. Julian Francis, and omnibus owners and drivers at the meeting on Sunday. (IWN photo)
Commissioner of Police Michael Charles, Superintendent of Police Kenneth John, Minister of Works, Sen. Julian Francis, and omnibus owners and drivers at the meeting on Sunday. (IWN photo)

Francis further said that Anthony “Code Red” Bacchus took over the presidency of NOBA, there has not been a general meeting with elections being held.

“… we need to elect a current executive of the minibus association.”

He further suggested that the meeting not be the last, but that they continue and try to organise through various districts.

He said that in his discussions with NOBA he has asked to the group to show where and why minibus operators are losing money.

Francis told the drivers to present statements of income and expenditure rather than simply complain about how much it cost to operate a minibus.

He further noted the decorations, including graphics and rims, and sound system in vans.

“Surely, if you are not making that kind of money, you can’t put on that graphics. …

“Do not let the authority or anybody have the advantage on you in these areas.

“Because if a fella come and tell we, well he losing money, and if he get duty free on he tyres he go break even, but when I see his van, is the prettiest van in town, it has the best rims and the heaviest sound system. So, who is buying that, the girlfriend or somebody else? Has to be the money that you are making from the van…

“An independent person assessing you will say you are not presenting the correct picture,” Francis said.

The transport minister further urged drivers in some parts of the country to invest in 40-seater buses.

It will cost money, bit if four of them get together and buy 40-seaters, when they move out of Kingstown, they will be taking 160 persons. When four 18-seater move out it is only 72 passengers.

“You still have more than half of what you have moved out waiting for you at Mahogany Square,” he said in reference to the area along Murrays Road, where hundreds of persons wait for buses on evenings.

Francis further reminded the meeting of the proposals that were made during discussions between NOBA and the government 10 years ago.

These include: No amplified music; no tint; five years driving experience; number of seats in the bus; special driving licence for minibuses and taxis; sale to second party automatically cancels the licence; no alteration to seating as per initial inspection; drivers must be trained; and pass simple exam; internal lights at night; code of dress; conductors’ licence; regulated fares; emissions test; routing; provisions for the physically challenged; use of bus stop and terminal; signage for traffic; relevant information for travelling public; regular bulletins; littering; insurance coverage; refuelling; codes of conduct for drivers and passengers; bell switches; heavy equipment, tractors and trailer trucks; timing schedule; external lighting; Sundays and public holidays; a traffic hotline; registration of NOBA.

One reply on “Minister urges minibus operators to strengthen association”

  1. Some years ago Bacchus told me he prefers an orderly way for van to operate, instead of the road rage method to pick up passengers. I totally agree with him after visiting ST. Lucia where I saw vans from specific location lineup to load passengers. Once the van is full it takes off and the second in line takes its place. I also saw the same method used in T&T and wondered why SVG did not implement this safe and hassle free way of transporting people. I am sure this will reduce the vehicular accidents that plague the island.
    The minister of transportation should take a serious look at changes and work with the organization to implement the method. It can and will reduce the confrontation police encounter when they catch van competing to get passengers on board. There is another problem that needs fixing: The last bus stop coming from the Leeward side is at the hospital. After that passengers are driven directly to the parking lot. I believe there is a need for another bus stop before the vans get to the parking lot.
    If and when the Leeward highway is being repaired, I hope bus stops will be improved, so traffic can flow smoothly. A small indentation on the highway can be used, so van can pull completely off the right-of-way to allow traffic to flow. I have observed many passengers, especially those with heavy loads; want to be dropped off very close to their homes. The indentations can be constructed where it’s easier for passengers to disembark close to their home, where possible. It might also be better to have more bus stops to help drivers from blocking and stopping in restricted areas.
    Getting out of Kingstown is a problem on the Leeward and Windward side, but more so on the Windward side. Cars and taxis can be allowed one way from 3:30 p.m. To 5:30 p.m. via Town Hill and Cane Garden. While vans and other large vehicles use the regular route plus one way up McKies Hill using the same 3:30 To 5:50 time period. Let’s face it, there are more vehicles leaving Kingstown during that period, that coming into town.
    On the Leeward side there can be a three lanes constructed, so that the middle lane is an express lane one way during the morning rush hours (7:30 a.m. To 9:30 a.m.) and one way during the afternoon rush hours 3:30 p.m. To 5:30 p.m.). The center lane can be used at other times to pass other vehicle on the right. White lines should be used to indicate no cross over around corners or around hidden areas when using the center lane.
    If I’ve missed anything I hope someone can help to build a better mouse-trap, instead of throwing the ideas under the bus or van – no pun intended.

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