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water rationing
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The Central Water & Sewerage Authority (CWSA) on Wednesday said it is expanding both the areas and hours of water rationing as the continuing drought conditions have reduced to about 30 per cent production at the Dalaway, Majorca and Montreal systems.

The rationing will include all areas between Buccament and Calliaqua, including Kingstown and its environs, Arnos Vale, Belair, Gomea, Dauphine, the Marriaqua valley and some areas in the south-east of the island, the company said.

The continuing drought has resulted in an absence of rainfall in the interior of the island and the CWSA has advised residents of the areas mentioned that in order to minimize inconveniences, the scheduled outages will be mainly confined to 8:30 p.m. and 5 a.m. daily.

“However, interruptions during the day may also be experienced until the rains return. Once the situation improves the restrictions will be eased,” the CWSA said in a press release.

Only 20 inches of rainfall has been recorded in the interior of St. Vincent during the past five months, compared with the expected historical total of 45 inches, the CWSA said.

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“This represents an almost 60 per cent reduction in rainfall during what is usually the dry season for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the region in general,” the CWSA noted.

The company said it will continue to keep the public informed by issuing periodic, if not daily, notices via electronic and social media, giving further details of the planned interruptions.

The company again urged the public to continue to observe strict water conservation measures by eliminating wastage at public facilities, reporting leaks and limiting water use to only priority household activities.

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4 replies on “Expanded water rationing announced in St. Vincent”

  1. I hope these jokers will also use the same electronic and social media to send out water bills to those who request the service. I am tired of their excuses. VINLEC is doing it, so why not CWSA. Are the people running VINLEC smarter that those at CWSA? What the hell is the environmental tax for, if not to stop cutting down trees to make paper to be used for the water bill.
    CWSA just pays to haul away garbage; it does nothing to reduce it by encouraging folks to recycle and other means to handle garbage in a useful way. It should also encourage and supervise folks in every location to ensure mosquito is eliminated or reduced.

  2. So why is Coombs blaming others for his incompetence, when it’s FIFA who is in the lead for accountability? He’s been playing hide and seek with FIFA and the organization’s funds. I’ve said once and I’ll say it again: The entire structure of the organization needs to be revamped and changed.
    No more buddy system and every village and town with a league must send a representative to sit on a board. People can be selected from that board for the executive positions. No person must serve more than 5 years on the executive, without stepping down for a year. A person can be voted back on the executive any time after the four year period.
    It is the only way you can achieve transparency, accountability, continuity and stability. All those qualities are needed to move football from the back field to the front in SVG.

  3. @Pvpalmer you made a good suggestion but maybe you can analyse what you are saying a little bit more. It’s a good idea to have the billing system set up such that bills can be available electronically. However, you need to bear in mind that everything has a cost attached to it and that there are other legal and social factors involved. A bill is a legal document and reactions from the society to an electronic bill is not the same to having a physical piece of paper.

  4. Of course there is a cost to everything. The paper used for billing purpose is a cost and so is the ink. The process of getting the bill to consumers is a cost and there could be more internal actions that have some bearing on the cost.
    They have already asked for consumers’ email, and that’s a step in the right direction. All that’s needed is to link the email to the database and have the system spit out the same billing information to the email id, VINLEC is doing it, so why can’t CWSA? Whether the bill arrives by mail or via the internet, it doesn’t matter as long as the information is accurate. If the consumer wants to query an issue on the bill, he/she can print the information. In an age when information is a mouse click away, it’s imperative that CWSA gets online. Many of its customers are there and expect to see CWSA there also. For several years they keep repeating the same excuse, “it’s a work in progress”.
    Any and every plan has a start and end period. However this is a bottom-less pit with no end in sight. They cannot give a progress report, because there is no progress, hence no report.
    By the way I called my brother and got the information, so my water bill is paid. Now there was a cost involved – my phone bill.

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