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Norlann Gabriel, local manager of First Citizens Investment Services. (IWN photo)
Norlann Gabriel, local manager of First Citizens Investment Services. (IWN photo)
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Participants in First Citizens Investment Services One Day Women’s Conference on Saturday were told to decide whether they want to be “the author or the weather reporter” in their own lives.

“As the author, you plan, you design and you execute your own personal strategy. As the weather reporter, you simply report how much rain you will be receiving,” Norlann Gabriel, local manager of First Citizens Investment Services, said at the opening of the event.

“The very same rules apply to anyone seeking to secure a spot as a high network woman or for anyone who wants to overcome under-earning,” she told the conference, whose theme was “$ecrets of a $ix Figure Woman.”

She said participants would learn about the areas in their lives where they are “brats or chicken”.

Participants were told that when it comes to family and relationships, they tend to be very outspoken, but when it comes to professional lives, finances and careers, they tend to be “a little wimpier”.

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“So, hopefully, from these presentations today, you will see and pinpoint those areas that you need to really standout and really have a voice for yourselves,” Gabriel said.

Participants in the First Citizens Investment Services women's conference.
Participants in the First Citizens Investment Services women’s conference.

The women were also taught “the language of accountability”, and the key areas of their lives that they must guide. These include relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and spiritual relationship, finances, and health.

“In learning the language of accountability in these areas, we move towards the minimization of drama, excuses, explanations and justification. Because, as women, sometimes we need to develop a thicker hide and we need to sometimes learn that all feedback is not to be taken personally. It enables us to determine whether we would like to be liked or respected,” she said.

“At the end of the day, our state of mind is what determines our level of personal professional and financial achievement,” Gabriel further said.
Saturday’s conference heard presentations from human resource and business consultant Suzanne Joachim, deputy chief executive officer of First Citizens Group Sharon Christopher, finance expert Carole Eleuthere-Jn Marie, independent consulting actuary Judith Viera, physician José Davy, and sports officer Samantha Lynch.

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