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Robert “Patches” Knights

Zamfir “Man Zangie” Adams

Lornette “Fya Empress” Nedd

Shaunelle Mc Kenzie

Grantley “Ipa” Constance

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Vivian “I-Come” Miller

Elvis “Abijah” Abbey

Aurella “Queen B” Beache

Kenneth “Vibrating SCakes” Alleyne

Dennis Bowman

2 replies on “Calypso Finalists 2014”

  1. Congrats to I-Pa, Vibrating Scates and Abijah. All the best in the finals. Abijah I love the invisible man.

  2. The reigning Monarch has nothing to be scared of, come finals night…once again the judges have contrived to make a mockery of the calypso art form. Another horrendous display of ineptitude and a blatant case of favoritism and classism.

    Ipa, Scakes, Dennis Bowman and Shanelle have no business to be in the finals…name recognition is what got them in the finals…ITS A F***ING MYSTERY THAT “MYSTERY” IS NOT IN THE FINALS. How come Ranking bash, Cleopatra or Tajoe can’t make the finals?

    The finals is between Empress and the reigning Monarch…the others just making up the numbers…on the basis of their first song, none of these finalist with the exception of Empress, can win the crown…their first song is as weak as the explanation given by Ralph Gonsalves when refuting the rape allegations.

    If there is one truth that was established in this semi finals…is that calypso is indeed hard to write…cause the lyrical composition of most of these songs is just beyond comprehension…who is writing these songs? The most egregious of these bad composition is IPa’s….really Ipa? A subject matter that is quite pertinent in the society and you just totally f***ed it up, old age really catching up on you indeed…but yet reach the finals…wtf…Scakes is another one…a most garrulous, pretentious and boring song…and once again, is in the finals…Dennis Bowman’s song is the epitome of licking boots…just sing anything about the airport and that should do the trick…a lazy composition if ever there was one…and of course, need I say it…is in the finals….the judges gone mad mad mad, I say.

    My money is on SCORPYON OR THE EMPRESS…Who will win? The Vibrating Scakes?…I am not betting too much…a Penny maybe….LOL.

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