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Zamfir "Man Zangie" Adams. (IWN Photo)
Zamfir “Man Zangie” Adams. (IWN Photo)
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Twenty-four-year-old Zamfir “Man Zangie” Adams became one of the nation’s youngest calypso monarchs Sunday night.
The artiste unseated the defending monarch, Shernelle “Skarpyon” Williams, and nine other contenders, including five other former monarchs, to take the calypso crown.
Robert “Patches ” King and Skarpyon placed second and third,  respectively.
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One reply on “Man Zangie wins calypso crown”

  1. Teacherfang says:

    Well ah must say, the judges got this one right for the most part. I would have leaned towards patches but Man Zangie two renditions were powerful and I am not going to make a big fuss over the results.

    Once again, the overall quality of the finals was poor. Too many calypsonians were too afraid or just simply too lazy to put together quality lyrics, hard hitting social commentary if not for Abijah and patches, is slowly dying…and the musical arrangement was just appalling, especially for those second songs.

    Congrats Man Zangie. But my King is definitely PATCHES.

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