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As you shed tears
For days
Mourning the loss of your son
You pray that one day, The Gun
will cease to exist
For in the hands of man
It’s purpose is to take the life of anyone

As you lay your son to rest
You ask yourself ‘what do I do next ?’

Where do i go from here?
Can I part take in addressing this issue? Or ‘is it not as bad here as it is out there?’
They say it’s worst in other countries
Should i therefore believe that my country should be left to become as other countries ?
Should we be proactive?
Or reactive?

The loss of ‘my son’ maybe irrelevant to others
But as his mother ‘my world has shattered,’
How would you feel losing your mother?
Father? Brother? Or Sister?
How would you feel losing someone close to you ?
Someone who has genuinely expressed the words ‘I LOVE YOU

Government officials, Politicians, Policemen and women,
Let us work together to address this issue which threatens our nation
Poets, Writers, Artiste, Musicians,Artists
Let us embrace our gift to address this issue which threatens our nation

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Citizens of St.Vincent & The Grenadines, Now is the time to act
Rather than react…

By Dillon Ollivierre & Brittany Straker 

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3 replies on “Time to Act”

  1. Andy Woodley says:

    Brilliant collaboration! This tendency to self-destruct is worrying, because a nation in its infancy needs collaboration to build, not collaboration to kill. Youths should be in a building frame of mind; they are the future.

    Your appeal for help form the creative minds of the country is timely. It was “The Man Age” who reminded us that “We got a country to build. ” The artiste here had concerns then. His concerns are more relevant now, than ever. Now poets are joining in. We do need that foundation for releasing the nation’s creative energy. That energy may just be part of the solution for redirecting that dreaded course that now worries you. T
    The “Vincy” diaspora is concerned, too.

    1. Dillon Ollivierre says:

      Indeed our youths should be in the building frame of mind and encouraged/presented with opportunities to be involved in nation building. There needs to be a plot form created to give youths an opportunity to express themselves….And as you quoted ‘we got a country to build’- I’ll say- sometimes we forget that this is our job/duty as vincentians, for the development of our country stands to benefit us all. All hands is needed on deck to take our country forward, to right the wrongs and to address/tackle the issues which we face as a people

  2. C. ben-David says:

    Let’s get real and put this sentimental crap to rest.

    When a young thug murders someone, his mother and other close female relatives invariably cry that he is a “good boy,” a loving son and brother, who must have been lead astray by the actions of others.

    When the same thug brings money, food, and other things that he has acquired by theft or looting, these same close family bless him for his largess, even when they know that he must have acquired these things illegally since he does have a job or other means of accessing material goods or money.

    The upholder is as bad as the thief of murderer.

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