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I am an ex Port Police officer. On July 31, 2013 I received a termination letter from the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority. Attached to that letter was another letter informing me that my pension contribution will not be refunded as promised on said date since they were still working out the details with the insurance company and a follow up letter will inform me as to when and where it would be paid.

It’s almost one year later and there is still no word on what is really going on.

I have tried to find out what is going and have received no reply.  Persons went there only to be told they are still working on it. Persons even went to the said insurance company, and were told they are working out the payment. It is also alleged that the company has claimed that they don’t know what people are talking about, since they are not aware of any money owed to former Port Police. I will like to find out where my pension money went and when and how I will get it back.

I understand from a meeting leading up to our termination that some persons have to wait until they reach retirement age in order to get their money.

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But I’m speaking for those of us who have nothing to get and are waiting on our own money that we contributed.

It’s sad that after a year we have to be still battling with the Port Authority for what belongs to us.

It is time they shape up and take their jobs seriously and stop seeing things as people bothering them.

It’s your job; you don’t go to work to sit down and play games. The Port Authority has more than enough staff, so someone can have the decency to reply. It’s time enough for someone to wake up and see the nonsense that’s going on there

Former Port Police Officer 

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One reply on “Dismissed Port Police still awaiting payment”

  1. Peter Binose says:

    Who gets paid and who gets knocked? I wrote this article in March 2014, since then things have got considerably worse.

    There are people who are still waiting to be paid by the ULP government since 2004.

    They are the Caribbeans biggest knockers, need school books, need school uniforms, need food, they don’t give a damn.

    But you will notice they are all getting richer and fatter by the minute.

    How dare you ask for payment for anything.

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