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Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. (IWN file photo)
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“Internet crazies” is a description PM Ralph E. Gonsalves chooses to describe people who bring the truth to the attention of Vincentian people. Of course it’s not all truth, because the real Internet crazies are those that come and post false worded comments, and banter with those presenting what they believe to be true, and in doing so use all sorts of lies and pretences.

I believe those people, all of whom use false names, are paid collaborators, in bed with the ULP hierarchy. Some believe that many of the comments and opinions attacking the truth are in fact written by Gonsalves. If that is true, then he himself must be described as an “Internet crazy”.

We have to remember the history of Gonsalves, most of which is repressed, most of which people are frightened to present. Some have already recorded his lifetime struggle with Marxism and are awaiting his death to tell the true story. But told it will be. Not his version; our version and the version of all those that claim to have been wronged by him.

Being chucked out of Barbados and being banned from travelling to several Caribbean countries at one time or another. Dozens of old Vincentian ladies describing him as a commie in the letter and comment section of The Vincentian newspaper of the time; they hated him. I have copies of all the commentaries from the newspapers of that time.

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Every week the antics of the MNU were recorded and it made our parents and grandparents angry.  They wanted absolutely nothing to do with communism, or Marxism.

I firmly believe that Gonsalves in the 70s was a newspaper columnist crazy, and if the Internet had been available then, he would of been an “Internet raving lunatic”. It was his writings in Barbados newspapers that got him into trouble and he had to run for his life, carried back to St. Vincent under a tarp on a boat commanded by Captain King of Bequia. (Some say it was a woman’s accusations that made him run).

So when this white man tells us he is the blackest man in Saint Vincent, he is probably telling the truth, because I do not think he was talking about colour; I think he was talking about his beliefs and behaviour.

Remember he told us in Parliament “If I work obeah, I only work obeah for the Lord”.  Now as a Christian society, we all know you cannot work obeah for God or our Lord Jesus, so I have always assumed he was talking about the blackest demon of all, the Lord of Darkness, Satan, the Devil.

Peter Binose 

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

5 replies on “Was Gonsalves a forerunner of the ‘internet crazies’”

  1. Assing Richards says:

    Who is Perer Binose?
    The people need to know!!
    From what he has written we know that he:
    1. Tells lies
    2. Is a Racist and
    3. Pretends to believe in democracy and finally
    4. You and your views are treasonous thereby making you a danger to civilised society.

  2. Angus Campbell says:

    The Hon. Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves, has really messed-up Peter Binose’s head!

    The word on the street is that Peter Binose eats, sleeps, thinks of, and dreams of Ralph Gonsalves on a daily basis.

    A look at Peter’s daily ranting would show that this must be the absolute truth. Not only the time it would take Peter to WRITE his garbage, but simply think of the time he must take to simply THINK about Ralph Gonsalves everyday.

    Peter should be given a medal for his creativity of thought, though. Apparently Peter conjures-up all types of issues – – then simply inserts Ralph Gonsalves’ name into the articles he writes.

    Upon reflection, you must ask yourself, “what has Ralph Gonsalves done to Peter Binose to justify such vicious and continued attacks?”

    If the answer is “nothing,” then you should ask yourself, “is there some form of jealousy which Peter Binose feels regarding the Prime Minister?

    Could Peter Binose be affected by an inferiority complex?

    What does our PM have, that Peter does not? Could it be education? Is it popularity? Some say it is the PM’s astonishing achievement level, when compared to Peter.

    Our Prime Minister lectured at university level, and Peter could not even gain admission to that institution. Could that be what is eating away at Peter Binose’s broken heart?

    The Prime Minister is a Political Scientist and a qualified lawyer. Peter Binose is an …. almost nothing.

    The international community holds the Prime Minister in high esteem, and the US government even considers the PM to be the most affable and intelligent in the Caribbean. Peter Binose on the other hand, is struggling for some sort of recognition. Isn’t that why he continually strives to see his own name in print?

    The Vincentian community has, for the last four (4) elections, given Ralph Gonsalves the majority vote, but poor Peter cannot even be selected to contest one seat in any election! That must be very frustrating for Peter.

    Prime Minister Gonsalves has succeeded in several Caribbean initiatives including Chris Gayles’s triumphant return to the West Indies cricket team.

    Thanks to the PM, LIAT is still able to get Vincentians and visitors into, and out of, St Vincent, by air.

    PM Gonsalves has led the Caribbean at the United Nations, and his fellow colleagues consistently turn to him for sober guidance and unwavering leadership. All of that must be a bitter pill for Peter to swallow.

    This is certainly understandable. If I was that jealous of Ralph Gonsalves, I may have done the same thing myself!

    It is okay Peter, we understand.

    Get that jealousy off your chest.

  3. Hhaahah. So what are you saying Peter, that the PM himself might be on the net during work hours cussing off people? Lol I wouldn’t put it past him, he gets off on writing long diatribe. We had the biggest example of a 26 page response that had nothing but evasion and descriptions of words like the appendix at the back of a book. The letter said nothing for a whole 26 pages.

    Lawd have mercy on my country, we made a mistake with this guy but soon that would be corrected.

  4. I would like Peter show me any other PM or Leader who has done better towards uplifting the people of SVG, throughout the Caribbean. Show me a leader who is respected, followed, sought after for positive direction, and deal with issues regarding ALL people using a hand on approach and I will show you PM Ralph Gonsalves.
    Everything the PM does the critics come on stronger…Long live Comrade!

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