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Elwardo Lynch hated Ralph Gonsalves.  Some will say he didn’t; I say he did. Gonsalves destroyed Lynch’s life. After he sued Elwardo several times, the man was never the same; his whole life and attitude changed. Elwardo had been kind to Gonsalves over the years, only to be shat on from a very great height when Gonsalves sued him, an act of spite in most decent peoples’ opinion. He wouldn’t accept a simple and humble apology; had to stick the knife in to the hilt, and twist it.

Gonsalves turned up at the church in Georgetown and followed the casket into the church with a smile the full width of his face. Obviously, he saw it as a great opportunity to canvas votes. When he came to speak, the congregation erupted; they hissed, booed, shouted and screamed, rang a bell and made it almost impossible to hear the words spoken at the microphone by Gonsalves. It was obvious from the look on the face of Gonsalves that he was deeply shocked. He expected a few little comments on his way into church but he never expected the venom unleashed within the church by the people of Georgetown.

Georgian and other Vincentian and overseas friends and some but not all the family of Elwardo showed their distaste for Gonsalves, the extreme dislike must have been exceptional to show those feelings in the House of the Lord.

I am sure Elwardo would have made a wonderful commentary had he been covering the service as a NICE Radio commentator.

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Yes, Edwardo, has had the last laugh.

Despite Gonsalves being surrounded by a whole gang of plain-clothes police officers in the church, Gonsalves felt threatened. So he should be, because I believe that Lynch will bring about the demise of Gonsalves. Can you believe that our prime minister needed armed bodyguards in a church, with hand weapons concealed in their pockets?

There was all but a riot in church and Elwardo led it all the way.   Last week, Gonsalves said he would see Lynch in heaven. I do not think so, nor did the people in the church.

My way of thinking, Gonsalves had the cheek of the devil to even attend the service of this man, whom many believed he helped destroy. He really doesn’t know what he has done; or he knows and couldn’t give a damn.

There is a recording about to be released of Gonsalves speaking to Elwardo, which exposes the true hate Gonsalves had for him. I am sure it will be published in the next couple of days. I will try and help with that.

Time to go Gonslaves. I can’t be bothered by using the term “Comrade”; never have done, all that communist crap is beyond me.   Like I have never addressed you as “Honourable”. Why should I when I consider you far, far less than that?

The bell has now been sounded in the house of the Lord at Georgetown. That means it really is time for you to go.

Remember whilst smoking us “Internet crazies” out, Gunzi Poo, smoke may get in your own eyes, “yaba daba doo”, fat Boo Boo.

(Watch the I-Witness News video of the booing below)

Peter Binose


The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

8 replies on “PM Gonsalves ‘lynched’ in church”

  1. Cadwall King says:

    I am surprised that you haven’t gotten sued yet! don’t worry you will be next! you know what they say: Every borrow hog have their Saturday!

  2. Brian Alexander says:

    Peter BigNose, in his second line above, disclosed that Comrade Gonsalves sued EG Lynch several times. This is TRUE!

    What BigNose did not tell us, is that The Comrade won, and EG lost, ALL those legal battles.


    …..Because EG LYNCH LIED on the Hon Prime Minister frequently!

    Who could fault the Prime Minister for reacting to someone…..anyone, who would repeatedly lie on you in public…..incessantly…..consistently?

    The PM suing Lynch is certainly understandable.

    What should the PM have done instead? …Ignore the repeated lies?

    The PM did exactly what any other sane individual would have done…DEFENDED HIMSELF!

    << >>

    I know that Ralph Gonsalves expected unruly behaviour at the funeral. He told us that way in advance of Saturday’s fiasco where the NDP’s top brass FAILED to control the mob in that church.

    The PM may well have been somewhat surprised at the level AND depth of ignorance of some of our people. That, to me, shows the man’s humanity. It shows that our PM has a loving heart which embraces Vincentians from all walks of society, with no malice in his whatsoever!

    My personal opinion is that Ralph Gonsalves has been, and continues to be, WAY TOO SOFT on the NDP, and their continuous and persistent venomous actions.

    Had I been Prime Minister, several of these actions would not have occurred, because I would have STOPPED THEM even before they happened.

    Yes, I may not have lasted as Prime Minister…..
    because, I would not have performed as meekly as Ralph Gonsalves has been.

    1. sandra Browne says:

      Pm Ralph is too soft on the opposition? what kind of statement is this? The last time I check my beloved country was still a democracy. Some of you all need to stop behaving like if the Pm is God in st.vincent. People voted for the opposition just the same way they voted for the ruling party. The opposition has a rule to play in the running of the country and it time some of us accept this fact.

  3. Peter Binose says:

    CADWELL KING, sued for what? I have written nothing libellous. I have written nothing that’s untrue. I have not written from spite or malice, I have not offended anyone and I have to the best of my ability written a true account of the happenings. I write with love and humility for all Vincentians.

    Remember it was most probably all this unnecessary suing crap that killed our dear brother Elwardo, sent him to an early grave. In my considered opinion, there was no need whatsoever to sue him, except in my further opinion for the purpose of applying spite and malice. A proper apology, on the air and in news papers by Elwardo would of more than sufficed, everything else, any financial demand or judgment was no more than punitive.

    So Mr King what is it that you find wrong with anything I have said or written on this matter. Why are you trying to fight the corner of Gonsalves when it doesn’t
    warrant fighting for, what’s wrong with your tiny brain. Its been a long time since I have seen you posting crap to try and dispute the truth on behalf of this nasty Marxist regime.
    You used to be a regular, so go back to your borrow hog and get new instructions.

  4. Ralph Gonsalves brought the people’s reaction upon himself. He very well knew that he would not be welcomed at EG’ funeral. He took the decision to attend knowing that it would produce that outcome. the question is, why did he decide to attend? After all, he sued EG so many times which contributed to his demise.
    Gonsalves is not a uniter; he is a self serving vain egoistic despicable brat. We all remember in 2000, when he used perhaps, some of the same people at EG’ funeral, to block the roads and made SVG ungovernable. Lets not forget that event. He showed that he did not care or respect the law; that he could defy the police and the people of SVG to achieve his selfish desires. We forgave him when he promised to unite the Vincentian people as Prime Minister, with his “Together Now”! But boy were we deceived! He unleashed his hatred for all Vincentians who were not supporters of his ULP. He victimized, fired, sued, and made life a living hell for many of them. So he comes to EG’s funeral seeking sympathy and solace because his end is near. What a human being!!!

  5. Creative Use of Power says:

    Would be more productive if Mr. Binose would use his power of writing more constructively. It’s obvious that you’re a slave to PM’s breath and he’s not even thinking of you. Imagine that. Hopefully, I don’t have to spell that out to you. Look at the destructive use of your imagination in your post above. It that does not give you a clue then you seriously need more help than I imagined.

  6. Brian Alexander says:

    Dear Sandra Browne,

    Is your concern only my reference the Prime Minister being “too soft on the opposition?”

    I guess you do not know that the opposition has A NEW LIE about the Prime Minister every Monday morning!!!

    Sandra Browne, did you hear THE LIE that “Ralph Gonsalves owns 2 LIAT planes and leased them back to the airline?

    Sandra, are you familiar with THE LIE that Ralph Gonsalves used tax payers money to take his mother to Rome to see the Pope?

    Ms Browne, did you hear of THE LIE that if the ULP won the referendum, that Ralph Gonsalves picture would be printed on our dollar bills?

    How about THE LIE that if the ULP won the referendum, that our nationals who returned home after retiring after working in England, WOULD NO LONGER receive their pensions?

    Ms Browne, you remind me of the popular female saying that. “IF A MAN DON’T BEAT ME, HE DON’T LOVE ME!”

    Here is the NDP continually lying to you… us, the people of SVG, perpetually – and you see nothing wrong with that!!!

    Do you still believe that Ralph Gonsalves has been too soft on the opposition?

  7. Sue, sue, sue, sue! Sick of it. So much reliance on frivolous lawsuits to grind ordinary people into the ground and hobble their freedom of expression. Most ordinary people are already sufficiently hobbled by the perils of daily living in a developing country. Then to have an MP, a PM, who enjoys a measure of parliamentary privilege and immunity from civil suits, and possibly from even criminal action, constantly launching frivolous lawsuits against citizens is absurd, at the very least. And this PM is a special case. Not only does he have immunity, due to his overweening charm, he might even have the tools to dazzle any malleable and ductile Director of Public Prosecutions, should the need arise.
    I hope that when the next serious opportunity should arise to amend the constitution of SVG or to adopt a new one, that the relationship between sitting MPs and ordinary citizens with respect to frivolous lawsuits is placed under practical scrutiny and taken care of.
    There has to be something worthwhile coming out of all of this business with Elwardo Lynch and the whole litany of foolishness. This PM seems not bound to suffer or justify any kind of loss before proceeding with personal lawsuits to make news. During his tenure and up to now, he is arguably poised to become a vexatious litigant and to clog the arteries of the court with unnecessary matters. This is patently ridiculous. Look at where all of this nonsense has placed us and all for naught.
    I am not proposing that if a citizen molests the PM and invokes grounds for criminal action that he or she ought not to bear the consequences of decisions taken and be treated like anyone against whom criminal charges are brought. Furthermore, he should even have special charges brought should he aggress criminally or materially against the PM. But this situation as it now stands is out of hand.

    Readers, just before launching a cussing on me, PM-style, just understand that it will not matter to me one bit. For one thing, I may not even see it. What would matter is that you actually read this and that it excites you.

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