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An Open Letter To Mr. Arnhim Eustace, Leader of the Opposition Party in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mr. Eustace,

It is with great dismay that I write to you today, Sunday, July 27th, about the behaviour of one of the NDP’s chief mouthpieces, the phantom, known as Peter Binose. Peter Binose is a chronic serial coward who hides in anonymity and throw stones at Gonsalves. Many believe that Peter Binose is a ULP card-carrying member who is angry with Gonsalves for his refusal go give Peter Binose a job as an ambassador at the Brussels Embassy.

Peter Binose’s articles are omnipresent throughout cyberspace. Peter Binose has sent me several articles to publish, but I have refused because I do not condone, encourage or uphold the actions of cowards who throw stones while in the shadows. I have maintained several of these emails that were sent to me by Peter Binose. I was able to trace the IP address for the sender of the emails. That information will be forthcoming in the future if the need arises.

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However, today, Peter Binose has sunk to the abyss of the latrine in her/his diatribe which attacks the daughter of E.G Lynch, a man who the NDP Party hails as a hero. Mr. Eustace, as a leader of the NDP Party, do you condone this type of behavior that is displayed by this phantom coward Peter Binose? Do you condone Peter Binose’s shameful assault on a young lady who is grieving the lost her father; a young lady who publicly suffered the indignities of rogue and unruly individuals at his funeral? Mr. Eustace is this the sort of behavior that we are going to see more of should the NDP take power in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

What kind of heartless worm that crawls on his or her belly in a state of anonymity that would attack a young lady who is grieving the lost of her father? Mr. Eustace, we know that you stated that the rogue and unruly individuals at the funeral were demonstrating their democratic rights, do you also think that the spineless worm Peter Binose who crawls around in anonymity is also expressing her democratic rights? Mr. Eustace, as someone who wants to lead the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it is time for you to tell us exactly where you stand on this issue of character assassination by phantom, rogue political mercenaries of the NDP.

Helena R Edwards 

(First published on Facebook)

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

15 replies on “Please control Peter Binose”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    My understanding of the law is that libel is not protected by the use of pseudonyms so Mr. Binose should be sued if he is libelling people. But if he is merely attacking their beliefs or the credibility of their assertions, he should be left alone to exercise his right to express his beliefs to whomever and however he chooses. Let the court of public opinion judge the veracity and logic of his assertions. Personally, I would love to use my real name here but fear that I will be victimized if I do so. I assume that Mr. Binose feels the same way.

  2. Helen, don’t try to get Arnhim to muzzle SVG nationals who want to vent their frustration and anger against a government they believe is corrupt and not fit to govern. I’d hate to see Arnhim trying to control people the way Ralph and his cohorts do. That’s not democracy and it’s not welcome. If he tries then he’d be facing the same criticism leveled at Ralph.
    We need a unite country in spite of differences of opinions. We don’t need a leader who uses the courts to silence and ruin the lives of people. Don’t ask Arnhim to do that or I will have to blow him out of the water as well.
    Incidentally, I don’t think you will silence Peter and I don’t think Arnhim should try to do so either, even if he knows who Peter Binose. You have also gone down in the same gutter, you want Peter to exit. Don’t do that! Challenge him on his assertions and claims. Your rebuttals may paint a prettier picture of Ralph, who is really sinking in the polls these days.

  3. Urlan Alexander says:

    If you trace IP address and know that this person is a ULP card carrying member why are you complaining to Arnhim Eustace?

  4. Isaac Franklyn says:

    Abyss of the latrine? And you think that you are the one to be critical of what other people write?

    Maybe you are just untutored, malignant, suffering from some kind of learned helplessness, etc, etc. I just cannot wait to see who you will be calling upon to control Gonsalves..

    Mr. Eustace has not been accused of rape and sexual assault and he can travel to Canada, so he will be starting from a better place.

    Please stop taking yourself so seriously. You do not qualify for that diplomatic position.

  5. Helena,

    Mr. Eustace us lacking in leadership, therefore, we cannot expect anything from the loud mouths.

    These loud mouths like Peter and others had an opportunity to show their love for EG in more ways than one when he was suck and suffering but the abandonded him.

    Very, very few of the visited him or called to find out how he was doing.

    Now they are pretending that they are so concerned about who did or who didn’t speak at his funeral to the point where they have now launched a verbal attack on his family.

    She is not obligated to anyone them.

    If they were DI upset that the pm was asked to speak they should do what they know how to do best, walk out. They walk out of Parliament at every opportunity.

    These people are now becoming a familiar national disgrace.

    Nothing is going to change unless the NDP has a real leader.

  6. Typical ULP mode, don’t deal with the persons or individual, just throw it in Eustace lap or stick it on him and always use the words ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’ in a questionable/doubtful way..

  7. I have heard of commess before, but this is some high level commess. This puts the early saturday morning riverside commess to shame. Lawd have mercy. Vincy people no easy dotish

  8. The Game Changer says:


    This garbage you have written is it really worth a listening ear from Mr.Eustace?
    If you are a journalist it is people like you I have no respect for. You seem to believe just like our PM your opinion is right while others are not entitled to the same. You and the PM failed to realize our country is still democratic and people can exercise their democratic rights. The PM called us internet Crazies and you a supporter of the ULP(not hard to identify) see it fit to vent your anger at someone who has become an outspoken critic of the ULP.This only shows what this country would become if the ULP including you have your way or be given a very unlikely fourth term in Office. It is already divided thanks to the work of the PM so a fourth term in Office would mean one side can eat, drink, and talk freely and the other side must shut up or be given the firing squad. That Dog leash, your manner of talking in reference to abyss of the Latrine further reiterate your level of respect for people and now you want a decent man like Mr.Eustace to listen to you. My God! are these people for real? After all, you all have called him weak and incompetent so how come now you all are seeking Mr.Eustace help. I will tell you this, I am not eloberating further on your mess because you and ULP are like drowning man clinging to a straw so you all desperate for the help of Mr.Eustace to save you. I hope Mr.Eustace respond, “I can’t hear you because I have warned you all before that the people give you power and they will take it back when you don’t listen or do things right.” RING THE BELL

  9. Why don’t Peter Binose and Helena R. Edwards just get a room and stop with all this PDA.


    This is how I view the role of the major stakeholders within this funeral fiasco:

    GONSALVES-Could have done things behind the scenes and not turn up to the funeral. This idea that you were invited by the family and so you had to come, is a load of too-too. Anyone with some conscience and a smidgen of decency, given the recent history between the deceased and Gonsalves, would have stayed away from the funeral and pay their respects from a distance. Gonsalves coming to the funeral, was simply a political stunt.

    The BOOING POSSE- while I can understand the emotional reaction, such behavior is unacceptable. If you have no respect for Gonsalves, at least show some to the deceased and their family. A silent protest may have been more dignified…for instance, simply TURNING YOUR BACK TO GONSALVES WHEN HE CAME TO THE PODIUM. Maybe such protest could be considered, the next time NDP folks are in the presence of Gonsalves.

    EUSTACE AND NDP- I think Eustace missed an opportunity to show real class and leadership. Lets give Mr Eustace the benefit of the doubt, that he indeed did made attempts to settle down the booing posse, as asserted by some elements of the NDP…but listening to Mr Eustace and Mr Leacock on the New Times program last Monday, no such assertions were put forth. Both men stated unequivocally, that they were proud of the supporters and had no problems with their sort of behavior. Once again, the NDP have demonstrated that they are really no better than the ULP as a party;they are willing to use any means necessary to get into office. The next time Eustace, talk about a kinder and gentler society, someone should bust a hard slap on him, cause he doesn’t believe one f***ing word he is talking about…action speaks louder than words, so I hope, he never speak such words in the future. Mother Priam used to say the upholder worse than the thief; what took place at E.G’s funeral was nothing short of sacrilege and Mr Eustace in no uncertain terms, told the nation, he like it so!

    THE FAMILY OF E.G- WHILE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO INVITE ANYONE THEY PLEASE TO THE FUNERAL, I CONCUR WITH PETER BINOSE’S REPLY TO MS LONDON’s ARTICLE. I think the family was tone deaf and showed no regard to the feelings of the many supporters and admirers of their father. How in the world, could you invite someone, who ridiculed your father mercilessly on the public airwaves and elsewhere, to say a tribute at his funeral? …for the life of me, I can’t understand such f***ery… one has to wonder what sort of respect the family really had for their father…but on the other hand, maybe the family is leading the country on the path of reconciliation, a path to heal the divide within the country. This may be the turning point for our so called “blessed” land…is this the moment we have been waiting for…naahh!!!!

    Leave Peter Binose alone!!!…the man is an internet treasure, he is like a car crash…you just cannot help yourself from looking…LOL…its not that serious Helena, put up your discourse.

  10. So an angry card carrying member of the ULP has a personal issue with the PM, so automatically he represents the NDP, and therefore it’s Mr Eustace responsibility to control him?
    What am I just not understanding here?

  11. Kenton
    You need to take more care in moderating these comments.
    Peter Binose is putting IWN at risk of being sued. That means you Kenton.
    I will invest my hard earned £’s to expose Peter Binose so he/she can be sued.

    Let us find the IP address and the ISP
    Kenton, I hope you are not colluding with the NDP in their slandering onslaught?

  12. Sounds like your try to silence people with an opposing view. (Long live communists St.Vincent).

    What a joke!!

  13. Peter Binose says:

    I wrote a letter of reply to Hellena this morning and hope that Kenton decides to publish it.


    I hope he does because its important to hear both sides of any story.

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