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The NDP has invited citizens to highlight the issues affecting them. (IWN file photo)
The NDP has invited citizens to highlight the issues affecting them. (IWN file photo)

The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) says it will Thursday hold a “Ring De Bell” anti-corruption march and rally in Kingstown to highlight its displeasure with the Ralph Gonsalves government’s handling of the nation’s affairs and to force the Prime Minister to call early general elections.

“Come out and let your feelings be known. We have a corrupt country here; we have a poor economy and things must get better for people. And we are showing our disgust at the matter, and at the same time making proposals of how it should be dealt with,” NDP president and Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace said on his radio programme on Monday.

“Thursday is the day when we hit the streets in our anti-corruption march, march for justice in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, our Ring De Bell memorial for E.G. Lynch…” St. Clair Leacock, an opposition MP and NDP vice-president said on the same programme.

Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch, a former NDP spokesman, died earlier this month, after a period of illness.

Meanwhile, NDP spokesperson, Sen. Vynnette Frederick said the party is encouraging persons to congregate outside it headquarters on Murray’s Road at 10 a.m., then the march will make its way around Kingstown before culminating at Heritage Square.

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“People, come out with your flags, your placards. There are so many reasons for us to take to the street in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and what your reality is, that which would bring you on the road, put it on a placard and come through,” Frederick said on the radio programme.

“This really is in answer to a call by the People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to take action, especially given all the issues of corruption. I think the situation regarding the Registrar was really the straw that has broken the camel’s back in so far as corruption is concerned, but there is unemployment, there’s crime, there is the depression of the economy and the depression of the people,” Frederick further said.

Registrar of the High Court Tamara Gibson-Marks was asked to resign in May, amidst reports that some EC$300,000 from an account that she held in trust is unaccounted for.

“People are without hope and we have a government that is silent on anything that is critical to the interest of the Vincentian people, but on frivolity and nonsense, they want to kill us with distraction,” Frederick further said.

“And the people want to focus on what is critical to their own self interest as a Vincentian people. And that’s why we are calling on all Vincentians, regardless of your politics. This has nothing to do with political colouration. This is about the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines reclaiming Hairouna” Frederick said.

And, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves told reporters in Vermont on Saturday that his government is still willing to lend the opposition bells to use in protest

“Well, I had promised them, if they wished, I can get all the bells from the primary and secondary schools to lend them, to give them, if needs be, so that they can ring the bell like fools along the street, having some entertainment,” Gonsalves told reporters in Vermont on Saturday,” he said.

“Ring De Bell” is the name of a Robert “Patches” King calypso that placed second during the national calypso competition this year.

Gonsalves noted that he only has the constitutional right to ring the election bell, adding that everyone else ringing bells is involved in entertainment.

7 replies on “Opposition to hold ‘anti-corruption march’ on Thursday”

  1. Hello Mr Gunsalves;

    We the fools of SVG, will send you into retirement, come election day, using the pencil, it does not matter how long you take to call the date, retirement is your destination, go join Mr Mitchell, buy two rocking chairs one for you and one for him.

  2. Comrade PM, you shouldn’t use the word “fools,” like in your statement…”so they can ring the bells like fools along the street…” They might say… “you see, he calling “black people” fools”…I wouldn’t put anything past them. Be careful !
    Kenton, did Vynnette Frederick really say “I think the situation regarding the Registrar was really the straw that has broken the camel’s back…” no she didn’t !

  3. All n.d.p people stupid and don’t know what they want. In all my years as an vincentian, only thing I know n.d.p people vote for is a belly full and not for the country development. Ralph go salves is the best prime minister for s.v.g. arnhim Eustace don’t have any vision for s.v.g and where there is no vision the people perish. Vincentian be careful what you all do because if you all put on arnhim Eustace you will feel it in the long run and remember I told you all this in the future.

  4. This is a great move by the NDP. Encourage folks to speak about health care, because this affects both NDP and ULP supporters. Go to every town village and ring the bell about giving people a chance to control their areas, by implementing village and town councils. Get the people involve and talking of what’s good for Vincentians.

  5. Ok, please get your priorities straight. The March should be about getting rid of Eustace and Leacock and putting people who can actually run S V G. I know N D P has more qualified people to be leaders. Then when you are done you can talk about marching to get the PM to call election sooner. Until then stop fooling yourselves that Eustace can run S V G. Ralph might make some mistakes but he is doing a good job leading S V G. Stop looking at only what he didn’t do and also look at what he did do. Do you really think N D P would do a better job? People please stop and really think. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon just because.

  6. C. ben-David says:

    Just poppy-show.

    If the NDP actually had hard evidence of chronic and acute government corruption, the Party would have presented this to national and international authorities and media long ago.

    All they have is commess and a few rotten apples working alone to help themselves abetted by bureaucratic neglect and incompetence.

    The problem is not corruption. The problem is dysfunctional governance.

  7. Here we go again. People always talk about what Ralph did. And I have asked time and time again for them to name 5 things that Ralph Gonsalves and his government has done to advance our country and build wealth for the people and up to now no one can answer me, up to now. 14 years and not one thing was done by the government to improve our economy, not one damn thing. We are all ears, come and name the ways how this government help to build wealth.

    And I am asking again, what has the government done that is of benefit for the advancement of our country. And don’t tell me about building houses and giving away galvonize anyo government can do that. Let’s have a serious debate about this because from where I am sitting the government hasn’t done squat. And it’s only because people don’t understand the mess he has made why they keep saying those things. Well listen up people, Dr Ralph and his government has put us in more debt that all past governments combined. No one can dispute that. You all say he is so bright, and up to now no one can point and tell me what makes the man bright, up to now, what has he done for our economic advancement? if you can’t answer that then just shut up. Too much nonsense now. Come and answer it should be easy, anyone person in SVG could be able to answer my question so come and answer if you all bright.

    They always say the NDP did nothing, but they came and Meet electricity and roads and water and everything else like it was put there by magic. Vincentians you all must be living in a dream world. I heard a caller on radio saying that Mr Eustace look like a monkey and all kinda nonsense so he can’t represent us. And that is to me where the issue comes from. You all don’t expect anything good from Eustace because you don’t expect anything good from black people. But here you are commenting on a news site owned and operated by a black man. You all make me sick to my stomach, time to wake up. And open yours damn eyes.

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