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Stanley Richards of Franco Construction suffered a heart attack two weeks ago.
Stanley Richards of Franco Construction suffered a heart attack two weeks ago.
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A employee of a construction company at the Argyle International Airport suffered a heart attack two weeks ago.

Stanley Richards, a site engineer with Franco Construction Co. Ltd., was “convalescing at home” after the heart attack, Bradley Francis, chief executive office of Franco Construction revealed on Thursday as the Cabinet and the media toured the airport construction site.

Franco Construction has won the EC$10 million contract for the construction of the control tower at the EC$700 million airport.

Aeronav of Canada will install the cabin at the top of the tower.

Francis said construction of the tower began in January and should have ended in June. This company, however, has asked for an extension, because of changes to the design.

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“I will give more of the credit for the progress that has been made here (on the control tower) to Stanley,” Francis said.

The airport, which has missed several completion deadlines, is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year, and to become operational by mid-2015.

2 replies on “Argyle airport worker survives heart attack”

  1. Kerwin Hackshaw says:

    Please Mr Chance,get your facts before you make any thing public.Ask how much the Tower cost or LISTEN when it is stated then write.This structure doesn’t cost $10millilon.

    1. Kerwin Hackshaw:

      We are not sure about the source of your information. However, we are quoting what was said to us by the CEO of the AIDC in the presence of the Cabinet. We just checked the recording again and are accurate in our quotation. IF you have information proving otherwise, please feel free to share it with us.

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