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One man was killed and another injured during a shooting incident at Gomea Spa just after midday on Friday.

Sources say that 29-year-old Wilford Woodley of Belair died on the spot after being shot several times about the body by unidentified gunmen.

The other man, Garvette Forster of Green Hill, said to be in his early 30s, escaped with his life after receiving a number of shots to his lower body.

He remains under police guard at in hospital.

Police are investigating the shooting, the second shooting incident in one week.

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Keon Lawrence of Rose Place survived bullet wounds he received last Saturday.

Lawrence suffered two shots to his chest and a broken arm, but remains in stable condition in hospital.

Woodley’s death brings to 27 the number homicide for 2014.

6 replies on “Man killed, other injured in shooting in Gomea”

  1. Urlan Alexander says:

    What is the minister of national security, Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves. doing/saying? What are his plans to curb this chaos?

    1. If a big country like America which spends billions on law enforcement every year can’t control their murder rate, what can you expect from poor, little St. Vincent?

      1. Well. Let’s chalk one up for defeatism shall we?
        “America can’t control crime so how can we?”

        Using the USA as a paradigm of social cohesion is tantamount to shooting oneself in the face.
        Ben old chap, there is such a thing as relativity, one should never consider spend as an isolated concept, it is relative to GDP, budgetary constraints, stages of development etc….
        I often use this example;

        The UK has c 65M inhabitants; SCG has just over 100k
        Therefore, the UK has c600 more times people that SVG
        As we are being somewhat rudimentary in our statistics, let’s forget all other macro-economic factors and just round up the murder rate for SVG to represent a ratio compatible with that of the UK, so;
        27 murders in SVG =
        27 * 600 = 16,200.

        Rest assured good Ben, that there would be a curfew on the streets of the UK and a state of emergency if we had over 16K murders by mid-year.
        I am sure the same applies to the USA.

        There are answers you know; one need only be sufficiently brave to ask the questions.
        There is another way.

      2. Just to add a few more facts to the flame; based on 2012 stats; SVG was ranked as 17th highest in the world. The USA was 104th and the UK 181ST
        And remember, 2012 was a good year for good old SVG. We only had 28 murders for the entire year.
        What are we now at for the middle of the year? 27!

  2. Anywhere else in the world; this would be considered a serious problem and serious measures would be put in place. Not in good old SVG.
    we have a more laid back approach to killings.

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