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In a private e-mail, I have thanked Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, for satisfying my right to a long overdue Vincentian passport.

After eight months of frustration with the Vincentian bureaucracy, this event has unfolded so quickly that I am left in total amazement. Except for providing hints in previous articles, I have not and will not detail the many circumstances that allowed the bureaucracy to drive me into frustrated anger over this period of time. But, I would like to ensure that no one would now give this issue any sort of political spin.

I admit that, in his handling of this matter in the past few days, Ralph Gonsalves has, once again, demonstrated the type of political savvy and bravado that has kept him at the top of the political pile in St Vincent and the Grenadines. A few crumbs, designed to signal a “master stroke”, however, will not result in silence on my part! Bit by bit, the message got through!

Here, I am indicating clearly that his benevolence, in this matter, although much appreciated, will not, in any way, distort or redirect my thinking on matters pertaining to St Vincent and the Grenadines. Evidence of this will be demonstrated as our universe continues to unfold.

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During the late morning of Friday, August 8, I was able to reach my brother, Jerry Scott, who had made several urgent attempts to contact me earlier in the day. According to him, he had received a phone call from the prime minister expressing concern about my attacking him on the Internet. According to Jerry, Ralph Gonsalves’ phone call about me was not the only one they (the family) have been receiving; apparently, he and his family are being bombarded by telephone calls from people wanting to know more about me and how to reach me.

Jerry made it clear that he would not provide Mr Gonsalves or anyone else with my phone number without my agreement. I thanked Jerry for that, apologized for the discomfort they have been experiencing as a result of my writings, and made it clear that I had no problem with speaking with the prime minister and that he has my permission to give him my telephone number.

Later that afternoon when I answered the phone, I was very surprised to hear Mr Gonsalves’ voice, introducing himself as ‘the comrade’, a greeting that I abhor since I do not consider myself to be anyone’s comrade. Nonetheless, we spoke for some time, mostly about Grammar School and the frustrations of political leadership as experienced by him and James Mitchell and the faithfulness of those who work for and with him, but none of the issues I have written about came into play during our conversation.

In many ways, our conversation was like a one-sided chitchat between two old friends. At the end, he informed me, in no uncertain terms, that he himself will deal with the matter of my passport because, as far as he is concerned, I am a Vincentian citizen and have the right to a passport.

Imagine my surprise when, early on the morning of August 16 (with a weekend in between), I was informed by Jerry’s wife that Jerry has possession of my passport. Wonders (some people say ‘miracles’) never cease! I say fight for your right! Fight against all odds! Win or lose, in the end, you will have served a greater purpose!

I am, once again, officially, a Vincentian citizen and I do intend to fully utilize that privilege and the many rights that go with it. For me, it is full steam ahead and I will let the chips fall where they may.

I’ll keep on smiling, staying in touch and I’m so looking forward to my six months each year as a snowbird in the land that is truly “home” to me!

Anatol Scott

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

7 replies on “Thank you! Mr Prime Minister”

  1. After reading this guy Anatol letter, I realized that Arnhim and no one in the NDP camp even his brother Jerry, couldn’t help him to get a passport? And even after the PM helped (in whatever manner) he still aint grateful? And I think he should ah’ thank PKnight P Knight (same difference). P Knight was right in his analyses of Anatol, and I wholeheartedly agree. Yep! A “house nigger” alright.
    What a devil, what an ungrateful bastard of a man this Anatol guy is. Listen to him when he says…”I was very surprised to hear Mr. Gonsalves’ voice, introducing himself as ‘the comrade’, a greeting that I abhor (hate) since I do not consider myself to be anyone’s comrade”… You think he would have said that if it was Arnhim who addressed him as comrade? All his supporters are from the NDP camp and all are Ralph haters and so is Anatol. Birds of a feather flock together.
    Anatol is not a brother in “our” struggle from enslavement, oppression, victimization, disenfranchisement, genocide and all the ills brought upon us from Satan and his gangsters of old, and now we are faced with a new bunch, and some of them even look like we, they even sound like we, even want to be like we. Their motto remains the same as always “never to do good, but evil continually”. In my book the PM should ah’ say…sorry “Persona non grata”.

  2. Stanly Parris says:


    “Persona non grata”. goes to all who born outside of Svg. I hope we remember that the “Son” ship did not born in svg, but has more power to even called us” crack pot” or crack head.

    The constitution give all svg blood line that priviledge unless you are a mafia, or free hand, or deep pocket in finaceing your way to citizenship through programs called poitical donations or cover up nicely under NGO that link back . Birds of the same feathers.
    Mr Scott in his right.

    Our Great leader always all speak of non interference in different Ministries. Did he broke that protocal when intervene in Mr Scott affairs? if the answer is yes. He have no excuse now not to call Mr Bigger Bix ( I am not sure of his right name) but you know who I am speaking about, the man that you mention in House of Parliment and to the Nation” that all he have to do (Bigger) is to resummit the application” (paraphase) a year already passed and he is still waiting. Remember Mr jokims contruction it dies slowly into abyss of time. So please give the young man a second chance. Please give him a call too Mr Prime Minister! Bigger and all of SVG will say thank to you like Mr Anato Scott.

    1. james the lion monroe says:

      Calliquaman, yoy hit the nail on the head, but remember,only you and the people of svg can make a change at election time, Enough of the B……..T, with family dynasty. you live in a democratic country and only you will decide who to vote for.

  3. Well he have your number now and that’s just the beginning of what may be daily doses of lengthy phone calls in an effort to get you to write on what will be constantly repeated in those calls. You will not be told what to write but after hearing things over and over and over, you will put pen to paper. From those calls you will be made to feel that your brother was cheated to pump some hate in your veins and push your pen where he wants it.

  4. VINCIMAN, you have obviously got a mental health problem. The hate and spite in what you write makes it most obvious that you will be moved to the new Orange Hill facility when there is a foam mattress on the floor available for you.

    I will give them a call for you and make sure they give you one of the old urine soaked ones, one where you can be manacaled to a ring in the wall, then you will have something to write about.

    Are you all aware out there that some of the people in the mental health hospital sleep on peices of urine soaked foam rubber on the floor?

  5. WOW! I had decided not to read this a few days ago, because I decided that the headlines showed it was a personal matter between Anatol Scott and PM Gonsalves.

    Today being bored with the lack of Vincentian comments on eleven different news medias, decided to just have a peek.

    These Vincentians that come to this site and attack the man Scott show what scum the ULP attracts. Perhaps it is a reflection of how their leader behaves, thinks and treats people who are not thinking along the same lines as him.

    Anyone reading the comments here will be convinced exactly who they should not vote for, they can see the spite, malice, hate and pure evil, just by these comments alone they will be turned off.

    Anatol, you have got to be so careful, this is not Canada, people here think and behave like something out of the bush, something straight out of the darkest jungle. You must consider not just yourself, you can bring your brother and family into serious conflict and they may well be attacked not just by those nasty minded cretons but also the government.

    When I write and expose the spite and malice heaped on people here by this nasty Marxist government and its followers I am being truthful. These followers are described by some of the leadership as their dogs who are ready to attack on command, yes that has actually been said.

  6. Peter Binose Intelligent Vincy’s don’t comment on your stupidness anymore, I TOLD THEM NOT TOO! That just make them seem stupid like you, glad you noticed. Anatol can’t help either, all washed up.
    This thank you letter aint no thank you at all. It is an insult to PM Gonsalves, meant to show the good side of Anatol which he doesn’t have. No way! A bragging ungrateful idiot of a man.
    Anatol is as grateful as a thief who wants someone to return the stolen merchandise for a reward. He thinks by getting a passport makes him a Vincentian, no! Being a Vincentian is more involved than holding a passport and the PM knows that, so no big deal. On the other hand when he comes to St Vincent and run off he stupid mouth like he did already in his stupid letter to the PM, we gotcha…and that goes for all the stupidies, including Peter Binose, the stupidest of them all.

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