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A security guard walks by as guests sunbathe at Buccament Bay Resort on July 4, 2013. (IWN photo)
A security guard walks by as guests sunbathe at Buccament Bay Resort on July 4, 2013. (IWN photo)
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Indigo Watersports Ltd. has announced that it has discontinued its business relationship with Buccament Bay Resort, mainly because of the “inability of the resort to meet its financial obligations”.

“It is with deep regret that Indigo Watersports Ltd. ends its 4 year business relationship with Harlequin Hotel and Resorts flagship property Buccament Bay Resort,” Indigo said in a press release.

“Indigo Watersports Ltd. has removed all staff and equipment from resort property, and is in the process of relocating the dive operation to new premises.

“The primary cause for withdrawing from Buccament Bay Resort is the inability of the resort to meet its financial obligations. Despite numerous assurances from the company Chairman Mr. David Ames, and his various local representatives, payments due to Indigo Watersports have not been forthcoming,” the release said.

Kay Wilson, in black, and the staff of Indigo Watersports Ltd. (Internet photo)
Kay Wilson, in black, and the staff of Indigo Watersports Ltd. (Internet photo)

“This situation has reached a point where it has become impossible to continue providing watersports services to Buccament Bay Resort due to the financial constraints imposed by lack of income.

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“The owners of Indigo Watersports Ltd. would like to extend heartfelt thanks to staff members both current and past for their incredible support over the past 4 years, whose contributions enabled the company to attain its Professional Association of Dive Instructors 5 Star Resort status, win PADI Education Center in the Month in March 2013, provide Emergency First Response Training for over 100 of the resorts local staff, certify 12 Vincentian dive professionals including 8 PADI Dive Masters and 4 PADI Dive Instructors, as well as hosting Kids Sea Camp over two consecutive years, which to date is still the largest dive group to ever visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines with over 60 participants,” the release said.

“Indigo Dive looks forward to providing world class dive training, and excursions, to residents and visitors to our beautiful island nation for years to come.”

Indigo Watersports Ltd. is managed by Vincentian Kay Wilson.

(Watch video below of divers from Indigo engaged in a lionfish cull in St. Vincent)

4 replies on “Indigo Watersports cuts ties with Buccament Bay Resort over non-payment”

  1. I wonder if all or most of the organization who complain about the lionfish can pay dive to remove many of the culprits from the reef. There are young divers in SVG who’d love to remove the lionfish from the reefs. This is also a very good job creation venture. The divers can be paid for each fish they provide to – probably – the marketing board.
    Just an idea!


  2. The closure of this ill-conceived resort will be the next shoe to fall. Does anyone know if the ordinary workers (not bosses and managers) are even being paid? The last time we were there for drinks, the place was nearly empty.

  3. I am so sorry Kay, you have been an asset to the resort and did not deserve such treatment. Just remember the people of Saint Vincent love and respect you.

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