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Vincentian Dr. Jacqueline James-Lyttle is among the 25 most influential black women in Miami in 2014.
Vincentian Dr. Jacqueline James-Lyttle is among the 25 most influential black women in Miami in 2014.

Chief Executive Officer of Tarakon Records and Founder of Imara Engineering, Vincentian Jacqueline James-Lyttle has been honoured by Legacy Miami Magazine as one of Miami’s 25 most influential women in business and leadership in 2014. James-Lyttle received the honour last Friday at a luncheon in Miami.

The women honoured represented the cream of the crop in Miami and are seen as remarkable examples of accomplished black female professionals that have contributed their talents to the community.  The honourees represented a broad spectrum of fields, including banking, the arts, law, community & cultural development, public service, and accounting.

“I work without expecting reward or recognition knowing that I do what I do for love of family and love of the businesses. When I receive an award, it comes as a pleasant surprise and it overwhelms me with joy. I am very grateful, so grateful to all who support me and recognize my work. I am motivated and humbled.” James-Lyttle said.

James-Lyttle is the wife of Vincentian multi-platinum selling, international soca superstar, Kevin Lyttle.

Lyttle founded Tarakon Records in 2007  and James-Lyttle founded Imara Enginerring Consulting and currently practices in South Florida.

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Imara serves the United States and the Caribbean, providing services in green building design and engineering, renderings, construction management, systems integration, sustainable

“green” design and certification, energy analysis, computational fluid dynamics “CFD”  and interior design services.

2 replies on “Vincentian cited among Miami’s 25 most influential women”

  1. Congratulations Mrs. Jacqueline Lyttle on your accomplishments and recognition. You and Kevin certainly make us Vincy folks proud… keep it real!
    Kenton, on the other hand don’t rush too far ahead and make Kevin a multi-platinum seller with his “Turn Me On” hit song; that was not the case. Multi-platinum is designated sales of over 2 million copies, that didn’t happen in Kevin’s case. Gold yes, (500,000+) platinum (1million) no… Just setting the record straight!

  2. Kudos and congrats to Mrs. Lyttle. She’s doing a tremendous job representing her country and herself as a strong and intelligent black woman. Just one point of note, she was voted among the 25 most influential black women, not women, which is not the same thing. Not to take anything away from her achievement…

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