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There are times when events and circumstance combine to push an individual into doing things that would normally be considered “out of character”. Such is the condition in which I now find myself as I set about launching this campaign in order to raise funds for what will be one of the hottest political campaigns ever seen in the Caribbean.

I am a Vincentian who has lived in Canada for many years, but my attachment to my homeland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, has been such that I’ve returned home as often as circumstances have allowed. During the last few years, I have followed the developing situation there with a growing sense of anxiety and alarm, which has now grown to such a high level that I can no longer sit quietly by and do nothing.

Over the past 14 years, the Unity Labour Party, under the leadership of Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, has steered the country in a direction that is completely destructive and is no longer sustainable. He is undoubtedly one of the most effective politicians ever seen in the Caribbean. His political style and misleading grandeur has been such that, for most of those years, he has held the majority of voters spellbound. Until recently and despite strong criticisms by the New Democratic Party, his unacceptable utterances and shameful behaviours, his destructive economic policies, his lies and subterfuges but, most of all, the corruptive tendencies that runs throughout his government, have been largely ignored by most voters. As a result of recent occurrences, most voters have now become clearly aware of the economic, social, and political destruction that has catapulted St. Vincent and the Grenadines toward a looming social and fiscal cliff. Within the next few months, an election must be held and the cry is being heard from all areas of the land: “Ralph Gonsalves Must Go.”

Vincentians are fortunate that, during all of those years, they have had an Opposition Leader whose now celebrated blandness, personal steadfastness and integrity, commitment to the people, advocacy of sensible social programmes, and whose proven ability in forecasting economic matters have provided a measure of sobriety that is now being acknowledged throughout the society. The people are making it clear that they want a change in government. They want an election in order to end the Ralph Gonsalves idealistic “ownership” programme. Their cry is exemplified in the clarion call to “Ring the Bell.”

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Please go to this platform and, if you can, please help.

Anatol Scott

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

4 replies on “The ‘Ring The Bell’ campaign”

  1. Anatol Scott, you and the whole NDP are losers, and you’ll find that out in the next election. Hopefully, in the end, you’ll run back to your cubby hole in Canada, and cement yourself in your colonial mentality. You will continue to be comfortable there, I promise; for it is a great place for the colonized mind to lay slumber and wax about the past and eschew anything imaginative.

    1. That’s what you think Alien. The people will get rid of darm Ralph and the bunch of corrupt ULP crooks. You ah one and we vamboozing you all like menace. This election i am very confident Ralph is going. For one many who supported him in Leeward isn’t voting. bye bye ULP

  2. ” You said you return to St. Vincent as circumstance have allowed ” . This is the true circumstance . You are just as stupid in St. Vincent as you were in Canada, Now Just go and shit and then shut the F** k up.

  3. James the lion monroe says:

    Mr Scott, the problem with a lot of us, we don’t like to hear the truth, especially when it’s staring at us everyday. How can the people of svg allow this regime to be giving three terms with all the bu… going on. How can they allow a foreign born son to be the next potential leader of svg. His father uses tax payers money to go to cuba, but his real goal is to give his son exposure on the world stage and if he becomes pm,he’ll be just as ruthless as his father, a true dictator in waiting. The problem is,the svg population refuse to open their eyes to what’s going on.We would rather live like kings for a year, than to live like princess for live.What I mean to say,is that a lot of us love the cement, lumber, the instant gratification, then bitch for 5 years about how things are bad in svg.Then who’s to blame….. they’re too indocrinated in ndp/ulp party politics…..fighting over nonesense while the big boys kick back and rape the country of it’s little resource, laugh and pretent to be one of us, and when you tell them the truth, they call u names. Wow.

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