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5 replies on “VIDEO: Clare Valley homeowners vent frustation after house collapses”

  1. So these guys are just cutting grass to change the people moods and feelings about the place? It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Don’t stop there ello, light some sweet candles and give the place a nice fragrance, that would make them feel better.

    But it’s not the people who you have to deal with, it’s the poor structural condition of the houses. When a house is ready to fall you could clean grass till yo piss, it’s going to collapse. This is the height of stupidity and carelessness.No one in authority would sleep or let anyone they care for sleep in those houses after the collapse, so why do they think it’s ok for others?

    And it is alleged that the land for the house was sold back to the government by a “big wig” in our country at a very expensive markup. So making money may very well have been primary and people’s safety is secondary in this case. So this is just another scheme to make money it seems. Vincentians alyo better wake up before you can’t wake up.

  2. I am extremely impressed with the reporting of this housing scheme travesty. I am certain that quality reporting like this will bring a level of accountability that will ensure better management of our country as we go forward.

  3. Minister of Housing? Isn’t he the same guy that screwed-up the banana industry? If he couldn’t handle banana, something he cultivated, how in hell can he handle housing construction or anything related to it? Now there are so many promises on the governments’ plate to correct so many blunders, one has to ask, when will they begin to address all these issues?
    Now folks are seeing why the airport has hijacked all other more important life saving issues in the island.
    Folks, there is no money to correct all these blunders, if money is channeled to buy cell phones for teachers, when there is little funding to address Chikungunya.
    I am predicting that Ralph’s illness was staged to allow Baby Doc to get some limelight at the UN, in order to find a constituency for him this coming election. What bothers me is that no other candidates are given the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience on important issues and incidents. Ralph’s wife has travelled the world and has more experience that many of the lay preachers in this government. How can these dodos accept this treatment? Beat me!

  4. The house owners should be frightened, because any one of the rest of those houses are at risk of falling down. In fact they are all at risk of collapsing. Anyone inside the house at the time, stands a more than good chance of being very seriously injured or even killed.

    The people are not looking for bullshit from these government representatives, they are not looking for sympathy, they are not looking for better relations. They are looking for a solution to the fact that they should move from those houses post haste.

    The government are responsible for the situation, they must get these people to safety as soon as possible, like yesterday.

    They do not deserve a whole load of rubbish about staying there whilst the government sort things out. They need to be moved into hotels or rental houses paid for be the government. They should be moved now, not after there is a tragedy. Not moved to temporary accommodation not moved into village halls, moved into property that is equal to their dream homes, they at the very least deserve proper treatment.

    The only problem I can foresee is that no property owners or hotelier will let to the government unless the government pay up front. No one will give them credit, why? because they know full well there is a great chance they will never be paid.

    The 60 land owners at Argyle have been waiting six years to be paid, and there is some doubt that they will ever be paid.

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