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One house has collapsed, and there are questions about the structural integrity of others. (IWN photo)
One house has collapsed, and there are questions about the structural integrity of others. (IWN photo)
MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (IWN file photo)
MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock. (IWN file photo)

An opposition legislator has objected to public funds being used to do remedial work on houses at the government’s housing development in Clare Valley, where a house collapsed last month.

MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock made the point on his New Democratic Party’s radio programme, noting that contractors were paid to build the house.

“And, in any event, it is equally not satisfactory or responsible, because these houses are built by people negotiating their own mortgages. Government, as I understand it, provides the houses,” he said.

“It is not equally responsible, fiscally, that is, to say, well, we will remedy it by rebuilding the houses, because the houses were built by private individuals in the first place, and you are asking to remedy it with taxpayers’ money.

“And that’s not a way government runs business — that you feel you must keep people indebted to you by simply spending taxpayer’ money over and over to do things that should not have been done in the first instance,” Leacock said.

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The government has said it will pay to carry out remedial work on the houses, some of which have been found to be poorly engineered, and poorly constructed, including sub-standard finish.

Some homeowners say their houses are shaking and that tiles are popping off their floors and bathrooms walls. They have also complained of poor drainage in the housing development.

9 replies on “MP objects to using public funds to fix Clare Valley houses”

  1. These houses were built for ULP supporters to help boost ULP voters in that area. Therefore the ULP should pay for these houses to be demolished and the owners located elsewhere.

    Houses should never of been constructed there in the first place, they should be demolished and the owners relocated.

  2. What am I hearing coming from Leacock? It is time that the NDP brass sits down and provides a collective response to this issue. For crying out loud, the 15 men need to collaborate and put out a press release and have all members should sing the same chorus. Leacock, Nature Boy, Arnhim , Ben and Patel are all saying something different.

    The country is already in an election mode, and Leacock is marginalizing the people of South Leeward because of free press. Mr. Editor, Leacock needs to realize that the problems can be fixed and must tread carefully. The ULP is on the receiving end of bad press every six months, and , almost every time, the NDP is invalidating any forward motion that can be had.

    At a public rally, Mr. Leacock thumped his chest and said that the NDP will not be cooperating with government on any matters. Was he being carried away by the moment? And if he was, he needs to understand that a statement of that nature needs the oversight of the political party. Speaking of rally, Mr. Editor, the NDP organized a “ring the bell” rally and got less than 5,000 people in attendance at the height of one of the biggest scandal in the last 5 years. The remedy for that poor attendance is painstakingly clear!!!

    Mr. Leacock, do yourself a favour and curb your hyper activeness, sit down with the 14 men, put out a press release and all should sing from the same hymn book.

  3. Mr. Leacock, please stop spouting ill-conceived statements that put you in a bad light. Why don’t you let this issue play out itself? Can you stop Ralph from rebuilding those homes – no you can’t, so stop talking about issues where you have no control. You are just giving the ULP more ammunition to go after the NDP. This damn radio show is doing more damage to NDP than you and others realize. You don’t have the government and should be careful with answers to questions if asked. You should always check how others feel about an issue before you give your personal interpretation. You cannot talk for the other candidates. That’s what I am giving Ralph shit about. He controls and talks for the other candidates, except Baby Doc. Don’t go down that road, please?

  4. Will someone out there please answer this question for me.

    When an individual obtains a mortgage loan to buy or built a house in SVG does the lending institution require the person to purchase mortgage insurance to protect the lender’s investment until it is fully paid off?

    In many countries this is required by law. In some countries it may simply be a loan requirement instituted by the various lending institutions to protect their interests.

    If this requirement is not present in SVG — which seems to be the case — it is a grave oversight because the effect is to raise the cost of borrowing to pay for potential losses due to house damage or destruction. What this means is that if the doctor who lost her house at Clare Valley did not have mortgage insurance and owed $100,000 on the house, she could simply walk away from the loan by declaring bankruptcy in which case the lending institution (or the government if it backed up the loan) would have to swallow the loss.

    Am I wrong anywhere on this?

  5. Lisa Binomial says:

    Shouldn’t homeowners have insurance? If not, then the government should treat all homeowners in svg equally by repairing all homes.

  6. That’s why I like Leacock, for better or worst the man speaks his mind. I am sick and tired of people trying to pussyfoot around issues because it’s not the politically correct thing to do. Aren’t you all tired? I know I am. We need a new breed of politics in our country and it’s time we stop making excuses for people in the name of politics. The man gave an honest assessment and isn’t that what you all said you wanted? well if you still want pretty words with no substance and big smile, then vote for Dr Ralph.

    I had this same conversation about this with a friend a few days ago and I came to the same conclusion that Leacock did. The fact of the matter is if no one knows where the profits are going, then the tax payers are not suppose to pay for this. This is practically the same thing that happen that brought the world in financial ruin. The government speculated with this scheme and dumped all the loses on the tax payers when it didn’t pan out. Whereas if they made money the croonies were going to get it.

    Yes Leacock I support you. Politics my backside, speak yo mind sir. It”s not the politicians that are the problem it’s we who are the problem. And it’s time people start shaping up.

  7. come on major are you serious? this is the peoples welfare at stake here oppose the government but what you are suggesting here will only cause more discomfort to individuals who are already uncomfortable.
    do you really care about the people or is it just about your personal agenda?

  8. Mr. Leacock stay in your lane. Talk about Kingstown and leave the leeward part of the island to its rep. You almost sound like another politician I know- who loves to talk for everyone else. One man governance? Additionally, stop thinking politics for a while and think people. The people’s lives are at risk. THIS is a disaster and after a disaster the government helps its people, regardless of their political stance! Comments like yours causes political devisiveness. What I’f it had been someone in your constituency? I am certain that you would have been fighting tooth and nail to see them restored to their normal life. Do better than that…we still believe in you.

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