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Aninka Stowe2

Aninka Stowe, 24, died after being shot in Green Hill Monday night. (Photo: Facebook)

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Homicide detectives are investigating two additional killings in St. Vincent, both of which occurred Monday night.

Aninka Stowe, 24, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where she was taken after being shot in the chest in the Central Kingstown village of Green Hill around 9 p.m.

I-Witness News was unable to verify the identify of the second homicide victim. Initial reports from a police contact were that a male was killed in Calder.

Members of Stowe’s extended family told I-Witness News that she received a single bullet to the chest.

Stowe’s mother, Esther Stowe, said outside the hospital that she would speak to reporters at a later date.

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However, the dead woman’s ex-boyfriend, who was comforting their 8-year-old daughter outside the hospital, told reporters that he and Stowe remained close after their relationship, which produced a child during their teenage years, ended.

“We were young, really young. I was 17 and she was 15 at the time. But we kept connected and everything,” he told I-Witness News, adding that they both worked together at the Housing and Land Development Corporation’s housing project in Green Hill, where Stowe was a timekeeper.

The killings bring the homicide count this year to 30.

The deaths come two days after residents of Glen staged a peace rally to highlight and recommend solutions to the crime situation in that East St. George community, where a number of murders has taken place this year, including two in September.

Esther Stowe, mother of the decease, centre, Beresford Phillips, Unity Labour Party custodian for Central Kingstown, right, and other persons outside MCMH Monday night. (IWN photo)
Esther Stowe, mother of the deceased, centre, Beresford Phillips, Unity Labour Party custodian for Central Kingstown, right, and other persons outside MCMH Monday night. (IWN photo)

7 replies on “Two homicides in one night in St. Vincent”

  1. Why was Beresford Phillips of Unity Labour Party, their custodian for Central Kingstown, why was he there?

    Was this a ULP matter? Was this a ULP membership dispute?

  2. What we have yet to acknowledge is that, the further away we go from the perfection of Adam, the further we go from having the nature of human beings –which was given to Adam.

    Yes! I am saying that Adam was a perfect man, until he allowed his wife Eve to woo him into the disgusting and sinful conduct with Lucifer–the wicked angel, who posed in the form of a Serpent in the Garden of Eden Still for all Adam existed in the body for 930 years

    What is happening today, is that man is entering this world, born from an imperfect parents from bad to worse. Today’s man has not human “etiquette”–no standard, no moral–today’s man is just “a body–a piece of meat” no quality of mind because conscience is dead–that is why the world–people and its system must be done away with–O come Lord Jesus this thing has now gone too far.

  3. Kenneth Mayers says:

    What is going on with my country we have so much killing so much destruction so much but politics come on people, we are all Vincentian tell me all get along

  4. @ Lizavier4jesus; I see you’ve been at the magic mushrooms again!
    What does Adam have to do with this?
    Someone just lost their daughter and this is what you have to say?
    Please go away.
    @ Peter Binose; that you would even mention politics in a situation like this leaves me with little doubt that you have little real love for Vincentians.
    The lady is dead, for whatever reason, she is dead, that could be your sister or daughter. You are not invulnerable.
    @ Kenton, not every post should be open for comments.
    I do not know this lady, but I am so sorry for her family.

  5. Aliesha Primus says:

    @PeterBinose – you imbecile!! Does it have to be a political problem for a politician to become involved in a social issue? What if he i just a friend or even heard about the situation and went to lend support – though he may be a stranger to the family? Think before you speak, it’s people with this mentality that turns around and say that it’s only when members of parties wants votes they come around to the nationals.

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