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Police are investigating at least two incidents of sexual assault and two burglaries in the Diamond area last week.

A well-placed source has told I-Witness News that the number of burglaries in the area last week could be as many as six.

One of the women who were raped is said to be pregnant.

I-Witness News understands that the crimes were committed by two men who match the description given by another woman who was raped when her house was burglarised some months ago.

They are both said to have been masked, and armed with a gun and a knife when they crimes were committed.

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The criminals are said to have stolen jewellery from the houses they burglarized, one of which is said to be owned/occupied by a law enforcement agent.

5 replies on “Two women raped, houses burglarized in Diamond”

  1. The Black Squad should give up playing dominoes at night and get out there and make their presence known.

    People take the registration number of every car entering and leaving Diamond, they must have transport.

  2. Muddawuk. SVG is a real lawless place now and the police seem to be incapable of doing anything. We have more Murders more rape, and just more wickedness in us, but all these are the symptoms of a bigger problem of a disease that has been incubating in our country for the last ten years. SVG has no role models or decent people running the place, the unemployment is out of control and more than 15000 people are on welfare.

    The disease that all of these bad events have brought onto us is helplessness. We have truly hit rock bottom. Only God can save us now.

  3. We need solutions to these problems and it right before our eyes but we ignore it. Cameras and dogs are very good at deterring criminals. There are some neighbourhood watches that can pool their resources and install cameras in specific location to catch these culprits. It’s much cheaper and save the indignity and loss of material things.
    Dogs are man’s best friend and can also deter criminals from approaching homes. They can be trained to bark if someone gets too close to a property. This can awake the inhabitants so they can take some action. Take good care of your dog and don’t let it sleep outside.

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