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Some of the items on display at Brighton Methodist School.
Some of the items on display at Brighton Methodist School.

The Parent Teachers Association of the Brighton Methodist School will tomorrow (Saturday) host a concert at 4 p.m. to culminate activities at the school in celebration of the nation’s 35th anniversary of Independence.

The school is also is hosting an exhibition dubbed “From Whence We Came”, which showcases implements used in Vincentians lives in the past, which are not as common today.

Items on display include flat iron, goose, flambeau, kerosene lantern, mortar and pestle, bamboo joint, straw baskets, straw mats, straw hats, food mills, rag dolls, hand saw and hoes.

This exhibition will be followed by an Independence Quiz, which will see representatives from all classes from Grade K to 6 vying for class honours, in which they will be required to answer questions related to Independence.

On Thursday the students were involved in a march and rally on the school grounds. At this rally the students were given an opportunity to display their talent in dance, singing, drumming and drama. The reading of the message from the Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel was also be done.

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