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James Gibson.
James Gibson.

Vincentian James Gibson has been chosen to attend the first Global Forum on Youth Policies in Baku, Azerbaijan from the Oct. 28 to 30. The Global Forum on Youth Policies will be convened by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth together with UNDP, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the host country, Azerbaijan.

The team supports the Global Forum. The programme of the First Global Forum on Youth Policies follows its original idea to organise discussions between youth policy leaders, experts and practitioners — a space for the professional community to exchange, reflect and discuss.

Against that backdrop, most sessions are built around discussion formats. There will be some keynotes and discussion panels, and many thematic sessions organised around table conversations.

Gibson was chosen by the organisers of the forum through an online open call application and is set to depart St. Vincent and the Grenadines tomorrow.

Gibson said in a statement that his main areas of concern will be education, employment, urbanisation, housing, health, participation, leisure, youth and justice, intergenerational dialogue, peace and security, social inclusion, migration, abuse, and information and technology.

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One reply on “Vincentian to attend first Global Forum on Youth Policies”

  1. Darrien Ollivierre says:

    I wish him the very best. May his contributions be of benefit to the other participants and SVG.

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