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Pro-Rights Approach & Solutions for Hope

Anesia O. Baptiste, political leader, Democratic Republican Party.
Anesia O. Baptiste, political leader, Democratic Republican Party.

Sons and Daughters of Liberty, the Democratic Republican Party (DRP) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines brings you greetings of grace and peace from our loving, heavenly father as we commemorate 35 years of Independence in SVG. Reflecting on this year’s independence, let us consider its meaning, what we ought to celebrate and our goals for the near future in this unprecedented period of earth’s history.

We know that Independence marks the end of British colonial rule. Yet Independence ought to mean more than this. Our constitution dated the same year as independence – 1979 –outlines guarantees for fundamental rights and freedoms which have been endowed to us by our Creator God. Our people need to be better educated about these rights that they may know them, value them, enjoy their exercise of them, respect them and defend them. Greater focus must be given to such education at home, in communities, schools and at work establishments. This independence we ought to celebrate our possession of inalienable rights and freedoms.

In the global situation, anti-rights and freedoms legislation and behaviours seem to be the order of the day. Look at the assault on the right to freedom of conscience and right to life of Christian Iraquis, Syrians and other ethnic and religious minorities, at the barbaric hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups. Hear their calls for Jihadists globally to rise up and murder the “disbelievers” and recognize that men, women and children like us are crucified, beheaded, raped and murdered just for their freedom of belief and conscience. Sympathize with them and celebrate your right to freedom of conscience. Cherish it and do not let any government or other authority force you to yield it.

The DRP is cognizant of the challenges we continue to face this independence and we are poised with a PRO-RIGHTS PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNANCE – REPUBLICANISM — to provide meaningful change for good to our situation. Republicanism emphasizes protection of human rights and freedoms as sacred and divinely endowed. We truly believe in equality for all under law and the right to self-determination of each individual. That the rights of humanity do not come from the legislative pen, a majority or even an elite minority, that they cannot be given by man or nature, but that they only proceed from the great legislator of the universe, is our foundation understanding. With the watchwords LIBERTY, EQUALITY and DEVELOPMENT we will, as a priority, focus on practical solutions to improve the human and social welfare situation of our people, especially the most vulnerable among us. We will ensure an adequately funded Human and Social welfare department on the premise “To each according to his need”, from which aid will be distributed without partiality and partisan political interference, so help us God. Some of our plans for the DISABLED COMMUNITY include:

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  1. Provide state assistance for those who cannot work (such as Housing and medical care)
  2. Provide monetary assistance in training in a profession of their choice.
  3. Provide jobs for those who are qualified

A DRP government will also make SIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING MANDATORY within key professions among Police, Doctors and Nurses, in order to better serve our constituency of differently abled persons. We will strengthen SUPPORT FOR SCHOOLS FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS through the provision of adequate educational tools such as sign language books, cards and ensuring adequate transportation assistance to school, for ALL disabled children, wherever they may reside. The DRP gives meaning to independence with these measures, in keeping with the self-determination and freedom of these individuals, despite their limitations.

The DRP continues to study the ROOT CAUSES OF CRIME AND VIOLENCE in our land with a view to addressing it as adequately as possible. One of the growing causes is Juvenile Delinquency (JD). Our JD PLAN will tackle this through 3 angles: Employment, Skills Training and Boot Camp Discipline. In brief, through public-private partnership and legislative measures, we will empower law enforcement officers to round up juveniles who would then be put to work for pay, in various areas of benefit to society. More problematic youth will be identified for boot camp discipline training.

Our FAMILY COUNSEL PLAN will focus on restoring broken homes. There will be weekly educational sessions in all schools- educating children against sexual immoralities and how to watch out for pedophilia and incest, how to protect themselves against teenage pregnancy, AIDS and other STDs. These sessions will also include ethics training, teaching them how to speak respectful words, lessons in helping each other and such like. As DRP leader and Prime Minister I will make time to personally go to schools and participate in facilitation of these training sessions as motivation for our children.

Many are the problems which plague us locally, regionally and internationally. A DRP government will institute an INNOVATION ASSEMBLY. Sitting often enough, it will be composed of ministers of government, retired public servants-experts in various fields (police, immigration, economics, health, agriculture etc.) and other experts to:

  1. Brainstorm on new ideas to address various problems affecting the Country
  2. Discuss and Debate issues to arrive at workable solutions for problems.
  3. Draft papers to present to Cabinet for the implementation of policies

This way, there will be no lack of great and workable ideas from our people to help our Country and this is in keeping with the DRP’s watch phrase “PEOPLE’s PARTICIATORY POWER”. All these ideas and much more the DRP brings to serve our independent nation with a pro-rights approach and solutions for governance and development in the 21st century. The DRP is the alternative of hope for SVG if the people lend us the opportunity to govern. A happy independence to all!

Anesia O. Baptiste

Political Leader

Democratic Republican Party (DRP)

7 replies on “2014 Independence Message from the DRP”

  1. Before we get to Boot Camp; can we give parents some leeway, so they can discipline their kids before we turn them over to strangers, who’d probably beat the shit out of them?

  2. Anesia Baptiste says:

    The DRP Family Counsel plan with its focus on restoring broken homes (mentioned just above reference to Boot camp) will assist parents in addressing disciplinary issues concerning their children. And fortunately our idea of “Boot camp discipline training” does not include abuse of our youth.

  3. I must admit that I stopped reading this at the point where she started speaking about rounding up juveniles and putting them into boot camp.
    I don’t know what was said after that and frankly I don’t care.
    Anesia, I have known you since high school and I am not sure when you became what you are now, but I implore you, seek help!
    I am not even joking because I like you and truly care about you but you sound very dangerous.
    I can only assume that you have taken a temporary break from reality or you are at a very dark place in your life. Either way, I hope that you come back to us soon.
    Please don’t try to seek political power or do so, but first get guidance from people who know the game. You are setting land mines in your own path which will be detonated in your future were you to ever achieve any real power.
    Remember, in this digital age, nothing is ever really lost

    1. Anesia Baptiste says:

      DFP, if you were sincerely interested in debate/discussion you would:

      1. Read carefully everything that was presented
      2. Seek clarity through questions before you make misrepresenting conclusions on a portion of a whole that you have read.
      3. Be fair in your commentary of the whole piece, rather than dismissing altogether the presentation and efforts of the author.

      The fact that your comment is seriously lacking in the above characteristics, while at the same time pretending to be in my interest by claiming to give advice, shows that it is really nothing but prejudiced and less than sincere claims about ‘liking’ and ‘truly caring’ for me.

      In fact you contradict yourself in that regard. One minute you “frankly…don’t care” about what I said beyond the portion you pull out and take issue with. The next minute you “like..and truly care about” Me? But not enough to read all that I have said and ask questions if you have a concern about a portion thereof?. After all the ideas are only presented “In brief”. Then you say I sound dangerous?

      The danger is in your way of doing things. Totally ignore all the good elements in the piece, pull out one small portion which you don’t understand, declare your indifference to reading the balance of the message, then try to drum up some ‘ear in readers about some fabricated ‘danger’ I could pose? Now that is dangerous! Even more dangerous is that after making the serious claims you do about me, trying to give credence to it by claiming you have known me since childhood, you don’t even use your name. DFP? Well, look, anybody can say and write what you did. Why should anyone believe you?

      And yes, nothing is lost in this digital age. And I am not ashamed of my convictions, regardless of the consequences. I can be trusted with face, name and straight, consistent speech to represent what I believe in my conscience at all times, unlike some other politicians our Country knows and has known. Why? Because you see, fortunately for me and for Vincentians this politician is not playing a game with the people.

      Now, here is what a retiree in our Diaspora in the UK, who doesn’t even claim to know me from High School, but simply read the message objectively from where she sits, had to say in her post on the DRP’s facebook page under this same article yesterday:

      “An excellent Independent message,well laid out and easy to follow.Your focus on Social Policy issues and solutions, with particular reference to the youths and persons living with diverse abilities are bang on target.Your voice and place in the Legislative Chamber is well due, Democratic Republican Party leader.”

      Her name is Verlyn Baptiste and her picture and profile are public on Facebook although she is not in my friends list.

      May God help you, whoever you are, to be fair and constructive.

  4. Again, I have not read the entire lecture you just wrote. I honestly do not have the time; however, the fact that you would take time out of your day to write this many stanzas says something does it not?
    You can’t expect to ever be taken seriously and yet rise to these types of messages. A good politician requires a thick skin and that is something you lack.
    Look at the amount of crap that gets said about the other “leaders” of political parties. How many times have you seem them react?
    Get over your pride and learn if you wish to survive.

    1. Anesia Baptiste says:

      Why am I not surprised at your reply? I’ve said enough. The record stands, regardless of your futile efforts to misrepresent, and you are fully exposed.

      The DRP’s good work will continue.

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