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Deputy Consul General Sehon Marshall. (Photo: LinkedIn)
Deputy Consul General Sehon Marshall. (Photo: LinkedIn)
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Sehon Marshall, the political activist who in August spoke disparaging about the occupations of some Vincentians in the United States has been appointed St. Vincent and the Grenadines Deputy Council General in New York.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said on Monday that Marshall was appointed effective Oct. 15, and will leave for New York this month.

PM stands by embattled diplomat-designate Sehon Marshall

He said that Marshall, a former teacher who holds a master’s degree in international affairs, has been working along with the Ministry of foreign Affairs, preparing himself for his new post.

“I was told that he was to go by the end of the first week in this week, but I spoke to him yesterday and he was still waiting,” Gonsalves told reporters on Monday.

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“I spoke to the Consul General about another matter and I told him Sehon should be coming up anytime soon,” Gonsalves said.

Marshall will replace Edson Augustus, who was fired earlier this year after confessing that he had taken money from persons in the United States and promised to help them to secure US Permanent Residents Cards there.

13 replies on “Gov’t appoints Sehon Marshall DCG in NY”

  1. That was a foregone conclusion and very much against the will of the people in SVG and moreso those in the Diaspora living in New York.

    But i suppose what does the will of the people matter? when you have the will of one man that owns every square inch of SVG.

    Cooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee people the tail is wagging the dog again.

  2. That is the Dictator at work he is obsessed with power and he will not give it up even when he lose the election look at the company he is keeping

  3. James the lion monroe says:

    This pm of svg doesn’t have any respect for the people of svg except for himself, but when they need the support of the people in the diaspora, to influence their families, to vote for them he and his son rushes to new york and they filll up the town hall and greet them like gods. In the end their wishes are not respected and he does what he want.This is not a democracy people wake the hell up, things will get a lot worse than it is at this moment.We voted for them, we got what we voted for .

  4. That was a mistake Ralph, a terrible mistake, and I hope you pay for it in the next election. This is one time I have to side with Peter Binose. For this action you could not be defended; you did not listen to the people Ralph, and for that you should be held accountable. I was hoping that you would have seen your error in nominating Sehon Marshall for such an important post, but obviously you didn’t. So, don’t expect the support you once enjoyed amongst the people in the diaspora, especially in New York City. I live in New York City, and I promise you will have to answer.

  5. Well quelle surprise!
    No one saw that coming did they?
    This certainly is a stray from the usual consultative, inclusive form of government that we have all come to know and love.
    I hope the guy does well but as I said before, it does not bode well for a diplomatic appointment to be shrouded in controversy.
    Sehon old boy this may be a own goal.

  6. Hahahahah. I just have to laugh sometimes. When are Vincentians going to realize that our PM doesn’t care about what our country thinks, if he did he would have resigned years ago. Compare to some of the things the man has done before this is child’s play. Frankly I am more amazed that people still believe in 2014 that this guy was going to listen to anybody.

    The first thing this government did when it came into office is to take down the traffic lights. Years, they take down our traffic lights because the NDP were the government who put them there. You can take what you want from that.

  7. If Gonsalves was so hell bent on employing this person, why didn’t he employ him himself, as a butler or a yard boy, or a commi chef to work alongside his Cuban chef?

    The problem is that Gunzi just doesn’t give a damn about what we or anyone else thinks, he regards us as his subjects, who on earth do we think we are for having opinions and views on matters that only concern him.

    As for you in the Diaspora, you don’t even live here, so he will take your money and your family voting support, but don’t think for one moment that entitles you to have opinions that do not match his. Just shut up and do as he says, he will not tolerate you all questioning his choice and quality of man.

  8. When we say the people of SVG are against this appointment, you mean NDP people. This had been made a political issue by some losers and haters. The majority of Vincentians I know support the appointment. Since when NDP people represent all Vincentians. There are many NDP people who have done worse that Seon but they still practice their profession and still hold those jobs. Seon’s work will quiet all ah dem. Watch and see!!


    I would like to quote something Dr.Fraser got from some where: basically he was saying, those of us who sit on our laurels and do nothing, the ones who we perceived are less intelligent than us will rule and run the show….

  10. Sehon was only echoing the sentiments of the ULP regime. As for the people – who are they to tell Ralph anything? They should be grateful to have Ralph as their ruler.
    Germany had it’s Hitler, Russia it’s Stalin, Zimbabwe it’s Mugabe and SVG it’s Ralph.
    He has five years to trample on us. We have one day to make him know his damn place.

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