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The houses at Green Hill are at various stages of completion, and some of them have not been worked on for weeks. (IWN photo)
The houses at Green Hill are at various stages of completion, and some of them have not been worked on for weeks. (IWN photo)
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Had I not been the owner of one of the houses at Green Hill and had I not had first hand knowledge and audio proof, I would have believed everything that the HLDC is trying to put out to the public at this moment. These people said plainly to homeowners in a meeting that they can provide us with a water tank but they cannot promise us that they would cover the cost of filling the tanks. They also blatantly said they were upset with the CWSA and that it is not directly their (HLDC) fault why they are unable to deliver people’s homes on time. Now, because their shortcomings are exposed for the nation to see, they are trying to save face by coming on the news to deceive the public into believing that:

  1. They promised us water tanks with the surety of covering the cost for filling them, when in fact they offered us tanks with no promise to pay for filling them.
  2. They have accepted full responsibility for their shortcomings, when in fact in the last meeting they said it’s not directly their fault and up to that time could not say that they have plans in place to assist us financially
  3. That homeowners would be able to move into their homes by yearend, but in truth and in fact even though the public has seen that some houses are 90-95 per cent complete, how can persons move into their homes by year end when the CWSA had clearly stated that they cannot begin laying pipes in the area until January 2015?

I know some people, after seeing all that niceness on TV a while ago (Wednesday night), would say what are we complaining about, so that’s why I have to state the facts. All that glitters in truly not gold and a house being 100 per cent constructed doesn’t mean it’s inhabitable.

It’s so sad that only now that everything has hit the media that the HLDC is actually making half an effort to resolve the matter, because all the pleas of homeowners for the past few months were falling on deaf ears up until the time they realised everybody knows now and it was only yesterday (Tuesday), few days after the first story was published, that the HLDC sent a letter to the financial institutions requesting a suspension of payments. But then they want to come on TV and pretty things up for the public.

The harsh reality is that most homeowners are broke the very day they get paid. There are people who make a salary of $1,600 and paying rent of $800 plus interest of equal amount or a mortgage of $1,300. There are homeowners who have up to four kids and don’t know how their next meal is coming. There are homeowners who have been given eviction notices from their apartments because they owe rent. And I could go on and on about what people are going through and the HLDC had known this since Sept. 25 and have not done a thing about it because nobody but us (homeowners) knew. Now that they have been exposed they want to come on TV and pretty things up and give false impressions to those who don’t know the intimate details. SHAME ON THEM.

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The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

2 replies on “I would have believed HLDC weren’t I a homeowner”

  1. So who is really responsible for the problem based on the data that is now in the media and before the public? What is the final cost to home owners and the public, whose money, $3.3m, is paying for remedial work? It looks like everybody is singing the same tune “wasn’t me”. But somebody has to take responsibility for this blunder or they should all be replaced. Vincentians need to take a closer look at how their money is being spent or wasted.

  2. Sorry to sound so cold-blooded, but people so foolish, blind, or politically fanatical as to put all their faith in incompetent and indifferent government officals to meet their basic human need for shelter deserves exactly what they get.

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