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Businessman, Leon “Bigger Bigs” Samuel. (IWN file photo)
Businessman, Leon “Bigger Bigs” Samuel. (IWN file photo)
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Businessman Leon “Bigger Bigs” Samuel was on Wednesday ordered to pay EC$800 in connection with three traffic offences brought against him when he picketed outside the building housing the Attorney General’s office in Kingstown on Sept. 17.

Magistrate Carla James, who imposed the fines, also dismissed a fourth traffic charge, an indictable offence, against Samuel.

Samuel has to make payments of EC$300 by Dec. 15 and 31, and EC$200 by Jan. 5, 2015, or spend three months in prison for each time he defaults.

Samuel, in a post on social networking website, Facebook, after the verdict o Wednesday, said the EC$800 was the cost of his efforts to get the attention of state authorities in his bid to have reinstated a licence to mine aggregates on lands he owned at Rabacca that the Cabinet rescinded in February 2011.

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“I can now say it cost (sic) me $800.00 to get the attention of the Attorney General and the Planning Board which then reinstated our permission for our lands at Rabacca. [F]or it was 11 days after the picketing of the AG office I was called to a meeting to deal with the almost 1-year application we made to the planning board,” Samuel said in the post.

The trial of the matters ended last week Wednesday, but James reserved judgement until yesterday.

On Sept. 17, Samuel was arrested while picketing outside the Methodist Building in Kingstown, which houses Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan’s office.

Police said he parked his motor vehicle, PR382, in a no-parking area and refused to move it when instructed to do so. He was taken to the Central Police Station where he was charged with failing to comply with a No Parking road sign; obstructing the free flow of traffic at Granby Street; failing to remove his motor vehicle, PR382, when instructed to do so, and deliberately allowing his motor vehicle to remain on the public road so as to cause an obstruction to traffic.

Samuel, during his evidence-in-chief, had told the court that the purpose of his picket was to highlight the injustice of the shutting down of his multi-million dollar business in 2011, when authorities revoked his mining licence.

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  1. If Biggs goes to prison he will become a national hero and a martyr, this Marxist led regime will become an even bigger gang bogey men in the eyes of everyone.

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