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Coreas presentation

Debbie Huggins, divisional manager of Coreas Hazells Inc., left, and Lennox Craigg.

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On Christmas Eve, Divisional Manager of Coreas Hazells Inc. Debbie Huggins, along with Marketing Coordinator Jennilee Glasgow, surprised Lennox Craigg of Evesham with a gift basket compliments Coreas Hazells Inc.

In 2012, Coreas Hazells Inc. built a home for Craigg.

Although it has been over two years ago, the company has not lost touch with him and continuously calls to make sure all is well.

Craigg, who is challenged, stated that he always keeps the company in his prayers and thanked Coreas for not forgetting him over time.

Huggins stated that it was the season of goodwill and the company endeavours to spread the Christmas cheer and will not forget about its friends like Craigg.

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Coreas Hazells Inc said it implemented many initiatives to give back to the people and communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and will continue in the same manner for 2015.