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The shooting took place in this building in Upper New Montrose. (IWN Photo)
The shooting took place in this building in Upper New Montrose. (IWN Photo)
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An Upper New Montrose (Monkey Hill) man was shot and killed and his son injured Wednesday night as Vincentians prepared to ring in the New Year, bringing the murder count for 2014 to 38.

Elcas James, who is in his mid-50s, died on the spot, and his son, Shawphiel Moore, who is in his early 20s, was shot and injured by a masked assailant around 8:20 p.m.

Police say that Moore was hanging out with some friends in the area then went to his father’s shop to collect Bambu cigarette paper.

After collecting the paper, Moore was accosted by the assailant, who shot him in the right side of the neck.

The assailant then discharged several rounds into the shop, killing James on the spot, police say.

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Police took Moore to hospital, where he was being treated, but his condition was not known up to midnight Wednesday.

Police have not offered any theories for the attack but have launched a murder investigation.

The 38 murders this year, is a new annual record, replacing the previous record: 36.

11 replies on “New Year’s Eve shooting takes St. Vincent’s 2014 murder count to 38”

  1. If truth be told, I have heard a lot of people argue that most of these murders cleanse our little society of the dregs of humanity, even if sometimes innocent and decent people happen to be killed because they are at the wrong place at the wrong time. In the town where I live, many murders and murderers have been from the same families. Older brothers kill or are killed; a few years later, their younger siblings kill or are killed. All the while, their mothers and sisters claim that the killers are “good boys.”

    It would be interesting to read the response to this perspective.

  2. Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with those hoodlums in my belove country. 38 murders are far too many for our once peaceful and blessed land. PM Gonsalves seeing that it is difficult to get the death penalty, please amend our gun laws, declare an amnesty, give them an opportunity to turn in their illegal guns then make it a mandatory life sentence for gun and gun crimes. We have to send a positive message that SVG will not tolerate this crap anymore and we have to reassure all law abiding Vincention that they can live in peace in there own home and walk around freely feeling safe and comfortable. We must not allow the few to feel that they can hold our country hostage. I will also urge all Vincentian to work hand in hand with the Police, give what ever information you may have to help solve all those senseless murders, stand up and be counted. Do not make those criminals feel that they are in a safe heaven. Let us root them out from their nest where ever they may be. Remember it takes a whole community effort, the police cannot do it on their own. Come on, speak up and out Vincentian

  3. Shugaz Shugaz says:

    Here we go again I think the police have their hands filled with crimes and I do really believed that the method of investigation is very poor and slow as an ex police I really think that the police only gain convictions on straight forward cases not cases whete they have to work hard and investigate thoroughly to achieve convictions.My house was broken into about a month ago and the police only playing for time to gain conviction or for the time to past so the matter could close undetected .

  4. Piss to [...] off says:

    U f[…]ing ppl think my brother don’t have owner why the hell his full name there? Did you guys get permission to put is name there and also his father ?

  5. peter it is time u offer some positive advice.caus everything u rite is is ur chaunce.d police need ur help

  6. I was about to start off with sarcasm ,however, I thought better of it.
    In fact, I will not comment on any future homicides.
    I just don’t see the point anymore.

    But I will say this last thing.

    This is all just pointless. It is past the point of being sad, its now pointless.
    And Vincentians will sit back and do nothing!
    So much pressure should be placed on the authorities that they should not be able to function without first fixing this problem. Shut the country down if that is what it takes until there is a coherent plan of action to arrest this decline.

    But who am I kidding?
    That will never happen in SVG because you are sheep! No, ……… lambs to the slaughter.

    There is a better way.

  7. Augustus Carr says:

    My condolences to the bereaved family. Another brother have been lost senselessly. Enough!

    Guns, alcohol, ignorance and drugs is the major source of the crime in SVG. Where is the government’s strategy to deal with these causal factors?The proliferation of guns and violence in our beloved St. Vincent and the Grenadines is as a direct result of gang activity, egregious alcohol consumption and the Drug trade, more specifically the marijuana trade that our Prime Minister seems to think is ok for Vincentian survival. I made this point because in one of his speeches he vehemently made a distinction between marijuana traffickers and cocaine traffickers but a drug dealer is a drug dealer. Whether cocaine or marijuana trafficker they all have contributed to the state of Crime in SVG.

    There is hardly any enforcement activities of the Liquor License Act in SVG, similarly persons can smoke marijuana at will. The sale of liquor to minors is out of control and Liquor License premises do not comply with the stipulations within their license i.e. They do not close at the end of the stipulated hours and persons are not required to provide proof of their age to purchase alcohol. Similarly, Guns are imported into SVG at will in exchange for drugs. Our society continues to manufacture criminals because we have created an environment for them to thrive and in some cases justify their actions. We need to do some introspection as a a country and a people. As a matter of urgency we must implement the following strategy:

    1) Stricter enforcement of the Liquor License Act

    2) implementation of Anti Gang Legislation

    3) Ticketing for possession of Marijuana under 5 grams with an increase in fine for every other subsequent citation

    4) introduction of restorative approaches throughout our schools, youth organizations, sport clubs, communities and work places. Restorative approaches allowed the perpetrator to see first hand how his actions has affected every one involve ( the victim, the victim’s family, witnesses and the perpetrator’s family etc.). It is a small step that can have significant results in breaking the cycle of violence in SVG.

    5) A more highly visible Coast Guard Presence in North a Leeward to deal with the drug trade and flow of guns into SVG

    6) Greater emphasis on community policing

    7) A review of the Police Drug Abuse Resistance ( DARE) Education Program to make it more
    Effective. This means proper funding for the training if mentors and the delivery of the curriculum

    8) A very flexible inward investment strategy. Our people need jobs. idleness is a cause of crime.

    The Government, Police and our Communities must develop better collaboration if we are to restore descency and dignity throughout SVG. We have accepted violence as a means of settling scores and in dealing with our domestic problems. While we continue to educate our people it is not being done effectively. The Education Revolution have a significant role to play in changing attitudes and lives in SVG. Standards of acceptable behaviors must form part of our curriculum and be part of this revolution.

  8. ottley laborde says:

    i so agree with C Ben Davis. Pete I see u think this is political. Poor you! I am judging from the attitude of the one who said its their brother I am sure the citizens who don’t want to be INFORMER will keep quiet and then blame the police

  9. I don’t know why they put up that picture and no one told them to, father dead an brother in hospital an way d police really doing is shit them not taking this serious investigation them say that’s all they go do and they won’t even find the killer I know for sure god is alive an that kill will pay his price indeed an I go pray on it ,now the whole family is in moaning stewpzz

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