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One reply on “VIDEO: St. Vincent gets US$15M for geothermal power plant”

  1. Dr. Dexter Lewis says:

    Here we go again. The MNU boys deceitful tricks just before an election. And why not? They have been successful before by being deceitful. Where are the 40,000 jobs promised, the various playing fields, the national stadium, the preferential Venezuelan oil prices, the honest Government? The completed Argyle Airport landing international passenger planes? None of these promises have materialized. And never will. Today a new promise. Alternative energy.

    But as it happens I have some specific experience with Alternative energy and this MNU government.

    In late 2001 or early 2002 I subscribed to a company called Raymond James Advisors to get some advice on what to do with some monies I had available. The subscription cost was significant. But I wanted the best advice available on how to invest my hard earned monies.
    The Advisors sent me a package of about 150 pages. 50 of which dealt with Energy prices.
    The Advisors said the energy industry was running out of cheap, readily available oil and so everything we had grown accustomed to was about to change.

    They said American power generating companies (like Vinlec) were running away from using mainly oil to generate electricity. (Oil was then about $25 a barrel).
    They said they were now buying either switchable generators or those that used only natural gas.
    They said T&T had found large quantities of natural gas and was considering building a pipeline that went all the way to the US with natural gas. Several of our neighbours applied for connection. We never got around to it.
    They said alternatives to oil were becoming a lot more feasible for those wanting to avoid high oil prices.

    I photocopied that energy report and sent it to VINLEC, THE MINISTRY responsible for VINLEC, and to the PM’s office. I saw that this report would be critical for the people of SVG since a new generating plant was planned for Lowman’s Bay and they needed to know what kind of generator would be best. It would have been cost prohibitive to apply for late connection to the T&T natural gas pipeline. It had to be done in a timely fashion.

    Year after year I inquired what had been done on any of these fronts. The answer was always “NOTHING” The MNU boys sat and waited until oil prices went from $25 per barrel to $140 per barrel. They were too busy making promises to be bothered with protecting the Vincentian public from massive energy prices. So by 2006 I decided to protect myself and go solar at my home.

    The Vincentian public needs to be aware that they are again being fooled with promises. Almost NONE of these promises will ever come true. Just another election gimmick.

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