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The St. Vincent Brewery, through its Guinness brand, is sending one of its lucky retailers, Suedan “Slim” Francis to England, where he will be treated to an all-expense paid English Premier League (EPL) soccer game of his choice.

Francis, who is a furniture maker and also runs the Tunnel View Bar in Byera, was made aware of his trip this week during a visit by a Brewery team to his establishment in Byera.

“I feel great,” said Francis who added that he is trying to figure out which game he wants to view as he does not have a special team that he supports in the EPL.

“I will like to thank the Brewery for the opportunity and also my customers who made this possible. I love Guinness, it is one of my favourite drinks and I am really looking forward to this trip as I have never been to England before,” he said.

He added that he has been selling Guinness for a number of years.

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Marketing Coordinator at the Brewery, Lamont Medica said that Francis was chosen for the England trip as he won a challenge issued by the Brewery last year.

Medica said the top 50 Guinness retailers were challenged by the Brewery to match and increase their sales volume during a specific time frame and those who did so were given various prizes while the top prize, which is the trip to England, was given to Francis as he moved the most Guinness in the stipulated time – Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 2014.

Medica added that the Brewery is happy to reward Francis and he is a loyal customer who takes pride in selling the Brewery’s products.