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FCIB Adopt A Cause
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The Kingstown Anglican School is the most recent beneficiary of CIBC First Caribbean’s Adopt A Cause programme.

The school is the recipient of brand new water fountains, which will primarily benefit the students from Grade K to 2.

Over the years, the children attending the school at Victoria Park in Kingstown have  drunk water from the bathroom pipes.

The area floods regularly, causing the children to climb the washbasins to drink water. As a result, the washbasins broke, resulting in unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

It is against this background that the bank decided to adopt the school for their project, by providing a safe and clean water supply.

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The Adopt-A-Cause programme encourages staff involvement in community programmes.

Through the programme, employees get the opportunity to identify and become involved with projects in their immediate surroundings.

The bank supports just under 100 causes throughout the Caribbean every year including projects with schools, nongovernmental organisations, charities and other interest groups.

The projects range from “homework hotlines,” to soup kitchens, to children’s breakfast


Each branch and office in the CIBC/ FCIB network is assigned US$1,000 to assist with getting their project off the ground. Units sometimes combine resources to tackle projects of similar interest.