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Teacher Jozette Bibby-Bowen, right, and lawyer Nicole Sylvester outside the court on Tuesday. (IWN photo)
Teacher Jozette Bibby-Bowen, right, and lawyer Nicole Sylvester outside the court on Tuesday. (IWN photo)
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Embattled school teacher Jozette Bibby-Bowen will have to wait until April 17 for her trial on two “obscene writing” charges in relation to posts she allegedly made on social networking website Facebook.

At Tuesday’s hearing, the prosecution applied for and obtained an adjournment for one month, indicating that they are not ready to proceed.

The court, however, ordered disclosure by March 31.

Lawyer Nicole Sylvester, who is a member of Bibby-Bowen’s legal team, told I-Witness News after the court appearance that the prosecution is yet to issue the disclosure documents to the defence.

“A request was made in relation to the document. The Commissioner of Police wrote saying that as soon as the documents become available we will have a copy. So, to date, we don’t have the documents either,” she said.

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Sylvester accused the authorities of charging her client without having any evidence against her.

“They have absolutely no evidence; have charged her without evidence,” she said.

But Sylvester suggested that the prosecution might not be ready when the case is called again on April 17.

She said that the defence has learnt that “a critical witness” is getting married on April 6 and may not be available on the next court date.

“So this is very much a delaying tactic just to bring her (Bibby-Bowen) further into pressure. That’s what we are now being told. So, we want to see, because they cannot come to court and raise that, cause they had full knowledge that someone who they think they will rely on is getting married on the sixth of April and going away on a honeymoon,” she said.

Bibby-Bowen teaches Forms 2 to 5 the subjects of information technology, electronic document preparation and management and accounting at Bishop’s College in Kingstown.

On March 5, three days after being charged, she was suspended from duties on half pay.

She was also restricted from leaving St. Vincent and the Grenadines without the permission of the Public Service Commission.

Bibby-Bowen has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Her legal team also includes Linton Lewis, an opposition senator.

One reply on “Teacher Bowen’s ‘obscene writing’ case postponed”

  1. Why is the judge even listening to this case, especially if there were no charges? Nicole should have asked for all restrictions to be removed, because there were no charges. Ralph and his bogus illegitimate legal team seem to make up laws and charges as they go along. The Toussaint episode shows how callousness and vindictive this ULP government has become. Then there was the alleged rape case against the PM that was thrown out. These are reasons enough why the CCJ should not see the light of day. That is, unless these judged can be impeached for unscrupulous actions. How come a person who stole money from the Treasury was able to leave the island, while another person accused of swearing have restrictions placed on her? It appears there is one rule for ULP supporters and another for others.

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