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The bridge over Rabacca Dry River in northeastern St. Vincent. Continue to find out why you should not travel north of this area. (IWN photo)
The bridge over Rabacca Dry River in northeastern St. Vincent. Continue to find out why you should not travel north of this area. (IWN photo)
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By Kenton X. Chance

The construction of a bridge over the Rabacca Dry River a few years ago has made travel to communities north of that piece of infrastructure more convenient. But here are 16 reasons why you should turn back whenever you come to Rabacca Driver River and never visit North Windward, in northeastern St. Vincent.

North Windward 10
The landscape is very boring with nothing dramatic or spectacular to see. (IWN photo)
North Windward 12
The structures are all modern with absolutely nothing from the past preserved for current or future generations. (IWN photo)
North Windward 13a
More of the bland, boring, ugly landscape — and seascape. (IWN photo)
North Windward 13
The soil is devoid of nutrients and you’d sooner grow a nail than any agricultural produce. (IWN photo)
North Windward 14
Again, there is nothing spectacular or dramatic about the landscape — or seascape. (IWN photo)
North Windward 15
There is no entrepreneurial spirit and opportunities to make an extra dollar go by without anyone lifting a finger. (IWN photo)
North Windward 1
The opposition to entrepreneurialism is learnt from an early age…  And so is service with a frown. (IWN photo)
North Windward 2
You only need to look at the children to see how unhappy life is north of Rabacca Dry River. (IWN photo)
North Windward 5
See for yourself how depressed people get when they travel north of Rabacca Dry River. (IWN photo)
North Windward 4
Strain your eyes and stretch your imagination as much as you can… You won’t see anything spectacular at sea either… (IWN photo)
North Windward 3
The ambience is everything, but relaxing…
North Windward 03
It’s understandable that there are no cultural celebrations north of the Rabacca Dry River… The residents have absolutely no talent… (IWN photo)
North Windward 7
There is no respect for the living, so don’t expect tributes to the dead. (IWN photo)
North Windward 8
Fast food is the order of the day. Don’t expect traditional food such as cassava bread and madungo… (IWN photo)
North Windward 9
Traditional ways of life, very popular in other parts of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, have long been lost north of Rabacca Dry River… (IWN photo)
North Windward 6
If you are still not convinced, look at the depressing disposition of those who bothered to travel north of St. Vincent’s Rabacca Dry River, then decide if you really want to make the “trek” there. (IWN photo)

Editor’s note: All photos were taken on March 14th, 2015, National Hero’s Day.

9 replies on “IN PHOTOS: 16 reasons to avoid North Windward, St. Vincent”

    1. Suffice it to say that your own comment suggests an inability to perceive the use of humour and facetiousness to emphasise a point. I think the stroy was a classic and intelligent way of highlighting all that is good about this part of the country. It certainly has me wanting to visit.

    2. GrenadineBelle says:

      It’s just a creative way of saying that the North Windward area is awesome and should definitely be visited…avid English students would get this…no need to get antsy my friend.

    3. @recklessrider784, did you read the captions under each photo? If you did, you will see that the writer (in his/her own way) is exposing the beauty that exist north of Rabacca.

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Great photos and clever captions!

    But I wonder if this is or will be part of the new tourism/Argyle airport/next election promotion bliz.

    If so, it would be a flop. Still great photos and clever captions!

  2. Shane Daniel says:

    I love it. A very talented and creative piece of writing and a great sell. Keep it up and keep it coming. You definitely make me want to visit this part of the country. The pictures are magnificent and I love the captions.

    This writing captivates you. The caption says one thing but One can clearly see how beautiful this part of St.Vincent really is. I love it, I just love it.

    Thanks for Sharing….

  3. SVG is beautiful throughout- with people with beautiful hearts…Don’t get the writer’s point….pure crap!

  4. Hi Ricodee and recklessrider784 – there is even a word for the technique used in this piece.
    Have you two never heard of “irony”? Irony is the “conveyance of meaning (generally satirical) by words whose literal meaning is the opposite”. Comes from a Greek word, so my dictionary tells me, that means “dissimulation”. And to dissimulate means “to pretend the contrary”. So read the captions again and enjoy the irony. And do try not to be so literal minded. After the first two captions it should have occurred to you that the writer was taking sly digs at all those who think that there is nothing good in SVG. A picture of obviously happy, laughing children with a caption “You only need to look at the children to see how unhappy life is north of the Rabacca dry river” – And you really think this was a serious criticism. Come on, people – where’s your sense of humour?

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