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The building on Murray' Road that houses the ULP's headquarters. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
The building on Murray’ Road that houses the ULP’s headquarters. (Photo: Ashford Peters/Facebook)
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The ruling Unity Labour Party (ULP) has been asked to vacate the rented property in Murray’s Road where their party headquarters is located, having amassed some EC$100,000 in unpaid rent since 2011.

A notice to vacate the building in one month was sent to the party’s general secretary Julian Francis on Monday and a copy was sent to party leader, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.

Reports say the ULP, which took office in March 2001, initially leased the building in 2007 for one year with option to renew the lease. After the lease expired, the party began renting on a monthly basis but defaulted in payments for years.

When contacted on the matter Wednesday afternoon, lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne, who is representing the building’s owner, Lione Coombs, confirmed the information.

She said that at the time of preparing the Notice to Quit, the ULP owed her client $96,000, but subsequent to that her client gave additional information which upgraded the amount owing over $100,000.

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Asked what would be the next step if the ULP fail to vacate the building by the time ordered to do so, Bacchus-Browne said she would take legal action.

“I have given them a notice to quit. I have given them one month’s notice to quit. They must pay up the arrears by the end of this month; and one month in which to quit…. I can also say that they are trying to settle,” Bacchus-Browne stated.

The notice to vacate comes as the party prepares to celebrate its 14 anniversary in office at a rally in Calliaqua tomorrow, Satruday.

(Adapted from a post on Facebook by journalist Ashford Peters)

7 replies on “Ruling party owes EC$100,000 in rent, asked to vacate headquarters”

  1. They should take some money from the war chest which they boast.

    They may also all want to put some money in from the US$1 million from the old crocus bag.

  2. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Caramba, Peter beat me to it. But since I done here I might as well have a say.

    It go take Kay 100 years to toss them out, squatter’s rights and all.

    And squatter’s rights pales compared to ULP rights.

    And Constitutional rights pales compared to ULP rights. Ask Randolph Toussaint.

    Did I say 100 years? How about never, Kay. Is never good for you and Mister Lionel Coombs? (One of the nicest people you’d ever meet. Ever.)

    As he would have done with Texaco, they go dance poor Lionel around … some more.

  3. This may well be where Gonsalves and Francis own the debt, “Own The Party” “Own the Government” “Own the Debt”.

    Shame the cash point hombre is locked up, he would have paid [paga el dinero] it if asked nicely.

  4. Sorry for you Sir, they are going to stall until they lose the election.After that the ULP is going to break up leaving all the people the party owe money holding the bag. Another master stroke.

  5. Patrick Ferrari says:

    The moolah is the sideshow, the decoy. One hundred Gs is joke, petty cash, to the fat war chest. They can pick up US$30G with one phone call to a Mustique resident. Or to a Canaouan white man. Have mercy, or both.

    The issue the concept of rent. They are the rulers of the country. They own the country. Pay rent to who? Pay rent for what? They bought in to their own dictum: Own the Building. Lionel Coombs lucky they don’t tell him to pay them for occupying the building.

    I wonder if the tiefing Registrar got anything left over. They could ask she because me hear she ain’t pay back yet.

    Or the $100,000.00 could get nolle prosequi.

  6. Don’t be surprised to hear that Coombs owes the gov’t $101 000 in taxes and as soon as the ULP pay up the gov’t will garnish his account. Look for a bowl going around for contributions at that event at Calliaqua. I guess Coombs is not in a position to bartar, resources for rent, like that hotel. ULP credit union flop, they join with GECCU, will they now occupy a GECCU property after eviction?.

  7. Too quote the great Burning Flames

    If the front door lock and u can’t get in,
    And the kitchen window lock and u can’t get in,
    Way we do, way we do……..


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