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Passengers board a LIAT aircraft at St. Vincent's E.T. Joshua Airport in March 2016. (IWN file photo)
Passengers board a LIAT aircraft at St. Vincent’s E.T. Joshua Airport in March 2016. (IWN file photo)
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Prevailing seasonal high winds continue to affect some LIAT flights, particularly in Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the airline said on Monday.

“The current conditions are likely to continue through until mid-June,” Desmond Brown, spokesperson for the regional carrier said.

Brown said that customers travelling to/from both countries are advised of “the possibility of cancelled flights and delayed baggage”.

“The company’s aircraft have tailwind limitations, which are set by the manufacturers during the certification process and they are therefore not permitted to take off or land when the prevailing winds are beyond these limits.

“The departure out of E. T. Joshua Airport and the night landings into Douglas-Charles Airport are affected by tailwinds and therefore the decision to cancel flights is taken in the interest of safety,” Brown said in a statement.

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“LIAT is also forced to restrict the number of bags on the aircraft at this time of the year when wind conditions in both Dominica and St. Vincent restrict the take-off weight of the company’s aircraft.

“The company’s Reservations and Airport personnel are ready to assist customers who have been affected by cancellations and baggage issues due to airport limitations at this time of the year,” the statement said.

7 replies on “High winds continue to affect some LIAT flights”

  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ha! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee He!

    But these aircraft were approved by the great Dr Know All, a man that really know nothing about aircraft, except flying all over the world at great expense.

    Everyone knows now that if Argyle opens, because of the wind and direction of the runway, it will be even worse there than at ET Joshua.

    Because of the ignorance of a know all, know nothing man, we get deeper in the tihs every day that he is allowed to influence any ministry, the NIS or any government owned corporation.

    We must dump him and his family dynasty, we may never get another chance.

    1. C. ben-David says:

      Peter, this is no laughing matter. You and I are men of means so if SVG sinks, as it is bound to following the airport’s eventual completion and the beginning of support payments to run it and pay the debts, we can just shrug move on. I don’t know about you, but most of my property and all the rest of my capital is safely overseas so a Greek-style meltdown will mean little to my financial well being or standard of living.

      But what about the poor and not-so-poor masses?

      What will be become of them when even their welfare payments are frozen or reduced? What about the government workers? Sure, there are too many of them now doing little else other than putting in time. But they have families who need a bread and where will it come from when hundreds are laid off?

      And what about the government retirees whose pensions will have to be cut?

      And then there is the private sector where a deteriorating economy will result in massive layoffs and bankruptcies.

      So Peter you should be crying, no bawling, for our people, not laughing at our hapless PM!

      1. Your quite right David, perhaps we should also remember the raiding of the NIS, making them buy government bonds and making them put money into the airport, even that tends to shaft the citizenships future.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    Peter, do not let political bias influence everything! The reason for these issues is that the ATRs cannot take off with as high tailwind as the Dash-8s. You are obviously ignorant of the fact that this will not be one of the issues at Argyle where there will be either a headwind or a slight cross-wind.

    1. There will be a massive cross wind and a sometimes violent upcurve as the wind hits the hills asside the runway. On the approach leaving sea to land at the end of the runway we have also measured massive updrafts which will cause a surprise lift for an aircraft about to land.

      These particula aircraft should never have been acquired, they are step back not a step forward, and Gonsalves played a big hand in the approval and acquisition of these aircraft, when he knows zilch about anything mechanical or even electronic, he is not even computer literate.

  3. Dear Peter, Sir/Madam/Whoever Is Hiding Behind The Pseudo, I’ve been reading your comments for some time now and I’m pleading with you to get on course with constructive, factual, and unbiased feedback. Many are now seeing your rants and raves as nothing more that a personal vendetta against the Government and or the Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. I personally can’t help but wonder what favor you failed to get from the ULP, hence the reason typically for such behavior. Your information has gone from being non factual to what seems to be simple malicious venom, and at this rate, if you do not get back to truths and facts, you will not only continue damaging the country’s reputation, but may very well land yourself in a legal battle. Case in point are your fabrications on Millenium, Argyle, and now Aircrafts which you seem to be an expert on too. For anyone seeking facts on aircraft tailwind limitations:

    1. Dearest twerp, are you telling us that TedBlak is a real name? I never wrote this piece I only added my factual comments to inform people. The facts in the letter are just that, facts, what on earth are complaining about?

      Obviously you have chosen to attack me and not comment on the letter which is written by someone else but is based on fact.

      My comments are also facts, so stop being a biased !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Whilst your at it, cut that Honorable crap out as well.

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