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Are most Vincentians, or even those in authority, aware of the problems women face working in some stores in Middle Street, Kingstown?

Many are of the impression that all of these ladies are uneducated. This is not so. Some of them graduated from secondary school and there are even those who went to college. They applied to several places seeking admirable jobs, with no success. So they adopt the philosophy that it is better to earn an honest dollar than no dollar, as old people say, “Your time will come”. Then it boils down to them being insulted by their employers regarding them as uneducated and good for nothing. Some even face sexual molestation, which is brushed under the carpet when reported. As if that weren’t bad enough, some of these employers subject them to work overtime, for which they are not paid. When will the Labour Department or even the Government stand up for the rights of these people? What is the government doing to protect the rights of our women? We are celebrating the rights of workers while some of us are still being enslaved.


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