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The “C” in ben-David not meant to be misconstrued,

Could stand for, Conniving, Coocoo, or maybe Confused.

Then again ah don’t mean to be rude, it could be anything like

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Corrupt, Confounded, or maybe Cunumunu?


C ben-David writes fifteen essays,

Fourteen which says AIA (Argyle International Airport) is a blinking disgrace,

Accompanied by photos of unseemly bad taste

A masterstroke by PM Gonsalves the one he so hates

Meant to keep the ULP government in perpetual state

Handing them the keys to the nation’s safe?


And this bent guy whoever he may be

Says his essays is beyond reproach by anybody

And in that case we should all agree

‘Cause he says he has a PhD.


Well bent, plenty Vincy have that too

And I say PhD or no PhD, in my book you’re still a Cunumunu

Just like that NDP fellow Lewis who says we’re a two by two.

How the hell any Vincy could love anybody like the two ah you?


Why bent set about to do this, some may ask

He surely went real low, just to make a mark.

It appears to me C ben-David doesn’t have any class

To carry out such an inardent task,

Pulling down SVG with all those dirty remarks?

Did C Ben come to play the folly?

As lawful, as one might be in a jolly?

Or did C ben-David lose his Dolly

To some hunk in SVG by the name of Lolly

And got so vex cause Lolly getting all the sex

Decides to disrespect SVG in his immorally dumb comical essay text?


With fourteen essays spouting a whole bunch ah crap

About SVG, AIA, the ULP government and all ah that.

Surely this C ben-David really needs a good slap

And as one might say,’ he better watch he back!’


Does C ben know about Joseph Rosendo Travelscope ?

All about SVG on YouTube and the good words he spoke.

About SVG its natural beauty and serenity

The 32-island chain he wants the world to see.

And the wonderful clips which accompany

This awe-inspiring YouTube commentary?

God don’t like ugly, C ben should know

Today is the day Ben reaps what he sow

Your essays ben-David are adorned like a whore

And will go down in history as a flop I’m sure.


What a Cunumunu, what a loathsome bore

Tis’ not the man that one should adore,

This Cunumunu ben-David shall come in last

And as we go pass him, don’t forget to kick his …



The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

8 replies on “The ‘C’ in C. ben-David: A short poem!”

  1. Thanks I-Witness News for the observations and or corrections. Very much appreciated. Thanks again!

  2. I read this publication to appreciate the many points of view that are expressed about issues that concern our beloved island nation. However, I do not think that this or any publication should become a vehicle for libel and slander which I believe the above piece is. I would encourage the publisher to take this piece down, as I do not think there is any privilege that protect the comments made.

    1. Now who have I slandered or defamed
      When the words speak only to a name?
      Isn’t it fitting for one to take the blame
      Wanting to put my homeland to such unsavory shame!
      To place in words what he proposed as such
      And not expect da Vinciman to kick his silly butt?

      Try as hard as you may to muzzle me,
      And maybe you might get some idiot to agree.
      But never in this Democracy
      Will we allow our rights to be
      Trampled curtailed and or stifled,
      By any silly bigoted wimpy Vincy!

  3. Dat Dutty Dastahd says:

    I still wah know who fool C bent and his ilk and mek dem tink dem cul diss vincy people n get way.

  4. Luther Bonadie says:

    Vinci man,
    I am in agreement with your article 100 %.
    C-Ben- David is a” wanna be ” a spoilt brat, who is longing to be breast fed, or free food.

    Ralph, not going to fed him, Arnhem, not going to feed him so his best bet is to get some black sage and peas bush and go sap his head, down Great head Bay.
    Good Stuff.

  5. This is so typical of what passes for commentary and discussion. C. ben-David raised a number of points, for example, that Dominica.which does not have a large International Airport, nevertheless gets many more tourists than SVG, that any airline has to have a specific number of passengers to break even, and if they cannot be guaranteed that, they will not fly to a destination. But don’t discuss these and other points. Cuss the writer instead. How was C. ben-David “puling down St Vincent”? What “dirty remarks” did he use? Does the writer of this diatribe believe that, contrary to what ben-David said, SVG gets more tourists than Dominica, that the figures that were in the articles were inaccurate? Then give us the accurate figures and tell us where you have got these figures from. Do you think that airlines will fly to any place the has a large airport, regardless of the number of passengers? Give us the information that will support such an assertion. Is it untrue that all airlines have a seat occupancy rate, below which they will not fly to a destination? Show us the evidence for this. Calling the writer of the articles a “cunumunu” and all the remainder of this tripe is what is termed “ad hominem” What that means is that when you have no arguments to refute what has been said, you attack the person who said it. That is not a discussion of the issues that affect us (which is something we badly need). It is merely a shield behind which you hide to enable you to pretend that you are defending SVG. SVG will not become a better place if we all continue to run away from any serious discussion of our failings because we think that to say something is not in our best interests is to denigrate our country. That attitude leads us to blindly follow the next charlatan who promises us that he/she can provide us with everything we want if we just vote for him/her, without our putting the hard work necessary, or without us having to pay for what we want; which is a sure recipe for ultimate failure.

    1. Pat never the one to keep things short
      Except the Pat in a name we can’t figure out for naught.
      Can it be Patrick, Patricia or Patrice?
      Nevertheless it might as well be “Prattle” if you please.

      How can one be so clever so complete?
      To always show, to know and to speak
      Of all and sundry without a doubt
      And not think for a minute,
      Maybe this time I’ll just shut my …….mouth!

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