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Sen. Linton Lewis, the NDP's candidate for East. St. George. (IWN file photo)
Sen. Linton Lewis, the NDP’s candidate for East. St. George. (IWN file photo)

Six weeks ago, Sen. Camillo Gonsalves, the ruling Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for East St. George, had a question for Vincentians:

If you are faced with a crisis and looking for someone to help you, on whose door will you knock? Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves or Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace?

Sen. Linton Lewis, the main opposition New Democratic Party’s candidate for East St. George has an answer for his contender last Saturday at the launch of the NDP’s election campaign.

“They talk about people whose doors … must be knocked upon and which door will be opened.

“The question was asked in Calliaqua, if you want help, whose door will you knock. And he said you would knock on Ralph Gonsalves door. But, in the New Democratic Party, Arnhim Eustace’s door is not closed; there is no need to knock it because it is already open for you and every Vincentians in this country,” Lewis said.

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“So we have an open door policy,” he said, adding that this was the case when the NDP conducted its school supplies programme.

Lewis said there was no door for anyone to knock on and it did not matter which party someone supported.

“The door was opened to you to come in and get assistance. And we weren’t assisting people from the government coffers. So the door is always opened to very single Vincentian on behalf of the New Democratic Party and I urge you to think carefully when you go to the polls,” he told party supporters in Sion Hill.


Lewis also responded to Gonsalves’ statement that he was not running against the opposition senator but for the people of East St. George and the country.

“In East St. George, we have a little upstart there who came and said that he is not running against anybody. If you stand up there, we will see the person running against you. Look to your left and to your right you will see the person running against you. He’s right, he is not running against anybody, he is running behind me and that is where he will stay. That is where he will remain at the end of the election campaign and try to the election poll,” Lewis said.

Lewis also responded to a comment reportedly made by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, Sen. Gonsalves’ father, that leader are born rather than made.

“He is saying to Vincentians that he was born to lead and his son was born to lead because leaders are born and not made,” Lewis said.

He, however, countered, saying one does not assess a leader on his personality but on what he does.

Lewis said that Hitler and Jim Jones were charismatic leaders, adding that the NDP will lead people into prosperity.

2 replies on “Linton to Camillo: No need to knock, Eustace has open door policy”

  1. Hooray! For Linton Lewis the better man and not part of any family dynasty.

    A man that holds a superior law degree not just than Camillo, but a far far superior law degree to the boy’s father, family dynasty leader, Jack of all ministries & master of ?, and prime minister the comrade Ralph E. Gonsalves.

    I just hope that the people of Calliaqua have enough sense to dump this bunch at the next elections.

  2. Luther Bonadie says:

    Did I read right, did Linton called Hitler, and Jim Jones charismatic leaders, you folks Disgust me.
    I wonder what those five million murdered Jews,and those three hundred Church followers in Guyana would say about that.
    Now, these are the people who want to run St. Vincent, God help us all.
    Peter, you are a fool, you got the aurdacity to say ” hooray ” Remember the Third Reich – NEVER AGAIN.

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