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I have heard it said many times in the last 14 years that something in the state of SVG stinks. Well, I for one can confirm that the stink is in fact a political stench emanating right from the head of the ULP government.

The Honourable Arnhim Eustace has found a way of righting, to a small degree, the past that the Garifuna nation from SVG suffered at the hands of our predecessors in title. Just like the Gonsalves and the Portuguese government and the predecessors in title, the Madeira government, owe the world an apology for the Atlantic Slave Trade. Well, we must owe the Garifunas something, which must be wrapped in respect.

Instead of congratulating Eustace and giving the respect deserved to the Garifuna nation, Gonsalves gets onto the media and tells Vincentians they will be coming after our houses and jobs, telling enormous lies about 800,000 plus people flooding our little island, having the right to vote and generally taking over. That is what I refer to in the heading “When the fishmonger becomes the scaremonger”.

So let’s try and unravel the lies and innuendos. If the NDP are elected, Mr. Eustace says he will welcome the Garifuna Nation to apply for honorary citizenship. We can be sure there will be a normal procedure like for any other applicant, with the acceptation of the wait for a number of years to attain citizenship. Neither I nor anyone else knows what the exact procedure will be, but you can be sure it will include affidavits and police reports, and other procedures. They will, I suggest, be subjected to better, more circumspect, in-depth and rigorous “due diligence” than was obtained regarding the citizenship of Dave Ames and others by PM Gonsalves.

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If a West African country stated that they were to give honorary citizenship to all Vincentian of African descent because they were complicit in selling our ancestors to the Europeans and the shipping of our ancestors to the Caribbean, does anyone, for a single moment, believe that we would all pack up and move to Africa? Of course not! What a very stupid assumption. Well it’s the same for the Garifuna. They have family ties, lands, properties, businesses and family in the graveyard: they are going nowhere.

Having considered all that, if we adopt the Canadian model of honorary citizenship, the honor is symbolic. Honorary citizens do not have any rights or privileges associated with Canadian citizenship, such as a passport or the right to vote.

What we can be sure of is that it will bring a lot of those people as visitors to SVG to the Garifuna Mecca on the island of Balliceaux.

I have been wondering if the reaction by PM Gonsalves had something to do with the trips he made abroad seeking investments. I notice Balliceaux is currently for sale on a website for US$30 million.

The vendors’ agents are Grenadine Islands Villas of Bequia.

There is no mention of the island being sacred to the Garifuna; no mention in the sale details on this site regarding the history of the island. May I suggest that readers call the agents phone number Tel: 0843 315 4768  BT 4p/min and complain profusely.

Below is a letter sent to Gonsalves in 2005 by Michael Polonio President of the National Garifuna Council of Belize.

Sale of the Island of Balliceaux

June 30, 2005 From: Michael Polonio President, National Garifuna Council of Belize

To: Hon. Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves

Prime Minister Office of the Prime Minister Administrative Complex Kingstown

St. Vincent & the Grenadines Tel: 784-45-61703 Fax: 784-45-72152

Subject: Pending sale of the Island of Balliceaux

Honorable Prime Minister,

It has been brought to the attention of the National Garifuna Council of Belize (NGC) that the island of Balliceaux is being advertised for sale, for development as a tourism resort. We are mindful of the fact that the island is privately owned and, therefore, not subject to the direct control of the state.

We must point out nonetheless that Balliceaux is regarded as sacred ground and is viewed with the greatest reverence by the descendants of the Garinagu who were imprisoned by the British on this island from July, 1796, to 11th March, 1797.

History records that 2,500 or more men, women and children died there from starvation and disease.

It is, therefore, with deep sadness and disappointment that we hear of this intention to desecrate the burial ground of our ancestors and impose this final insult to indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, and to transform the resting place of their earthly remains into a playground for the foreign tourist, creating the perception that the pursuit of wealth has taken precedence over human dignity and respect for our forbearers and for our history.

Sir, it has been over 200 years since we were exiled from our ancestral homeland, the island of Yurumein (St. Vincent).

Nevertheless, the events of that period continue to hold spiritual significance and serve as a source of inspiration to each generation of offspring of the survivors of that horrific act of genocide on Balliceaux.

Honorable Prime Minister, we urge the intervention of your Government inputting a stop to this sale and to the final indignity that is intended to be exercised on the souls of our ancestral dead.

We are extremely grateful for the recent actions and measures taken by the Government and People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to correct the dishonor and distortion of the history of the Garifuna Nation. We applaud the recognition that has been given to the fallen freedom fighter and leader of the Garifuna Nation, Chief Joseph Chattoyer.

Balliceaux is a monument to the suffering and survival of indigenous people against incredible odds. Let it be so declared, so preserved, honored and respected. I am sure that we speak for all Garinagu in pledging our support to you and to your Government in this regard. We stand ready to work with you to do whatever is necessary for the safeguarding of Balliceaux as a monument most fitting to those Garifuna men, women and children who fought and died to defend our homeland, our freedom, our human dignity and our culture.

With assurances of the great respect and highest consideration of the Garifuna Diaspora,

Yours respectfully,

Michael PolonioPresidentNational Garifuna Council

Cc.: Hon. Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize Hon. Godfrey Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Assad Shoman,

Minister of National Development Hon. Baptiste, Minister of Tourism and Culture, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

NATIONAL GARIFUNA COUNCIL Head Office: Pablo Lambey Garifuna Cultural Centre59 Commerce Street, Dangriga

Phone: (501)522-3781 Fax: 522-3781Email: [email protected]/Michael Polonio <[email protected]>

President: Mr. Michael Polonio

It would be most interesting if the Garifuna Council published the reply letter from Gonsalves, if there was one.

We should all be sending complaints by email to Ralph Gonsalves at the following email address [email protected]

Garifuna, Vincentians, send the man a message, it’s time for him to go.

Peter Binose

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

2 replies on “When the fishmonger becomes the scaremonger”

  1. C. ben-David says:

    Good work, Peter, the kind of journalism, alas, beyond the abilities of our lazy print and TV media people. It seems only you Kenton Chance are doing the heavy lifting.

    As for the PM, I am becoming convinced that he really doesn’t have the interests of our downtrodden masses at heart, only concerned with whether his demeaning and dependency-creating state handouts are reciprocated with votes.

    Support for Black Power in the 1960s and 1970s? Only a way to establish his credentials with a base of influential supporters, especially the black Black Power activists.

    Support for Power to the People since the 1980s? Only a way to buy the votes of the downtrodden masses.

    Support for our aboriginal people? Purely symbolic (e.g. Chatoyer as national hero); otherwise missing in action.

    Support for Marxism? As I have repeatedly told you, the PM is only a paper-front Commie, as part of his pretend devotion to the well-being of the poor.

    Support for his overarching goal in life of being the longest-serving PM in Vincentian history and passing the baton to his eldest son? 100 percent.

    All the rest is just window dressing, especially the fake left-wing radicalism.

  2. David, I probably know Gonsalves as well as those most close to him. I can assure you that his Marxism and revolutionary background is what he regards as his badge of honor, he is so proud of that. But I will say that like all would be Marxist leaders who would be dictators, he expects to live high on the hog and have all the luxuries that no one else can afford, for him, his family and selected inner circle supporters.

    His problem all along has been that SVG has too many middle class, upper class and returnees for him to make the final application of control. That I believe he has been working hard on for the last fifteen years. He has driven out large numbers of our society and reduced the population to a much larger peasant class. Because it is only if he can get a large number of peasant class hat he will ever be able to have total control. But overall it just hasn’t worked out as he wanted; it has been ansocial experiment on his part to carry out a bloodless revolution that most people would not even realise was taking place. To do that he needed to put the whole state into a poverty situation, that he has had some success with, but still not with the results he expected.

    He has worked and assisted the Grenadian Marxist revolutionary Maurice Bishop and would be revolutionary Walter Rodney, two people who most Caribbeans are unaware just what real scum they were, but both idolised by Gonsalves. His love and adoration for Fidel Castro and the Cuban communist system is a fact, if you asked him outright he would agree, he would not want to deny it, he would gloat on it.

    One of the things that all the Gonsalves types wish for and strive to achieve is to leave a project with their name on it, a tribute to them for ever more, his chosen project is of course the Argyle International Airport. He would be gutted if he loses power and he is not the regime ruler when the airport finally opens.

    With regards to all the tales, accusations, allegations and charges of sexual nature by women against him. Those who have known him for many years know the truth about such matters. When he loses office there may well be some sweeping up to do. In SVG there is no time limit on how old an alleged offence for murder or rape is, like in the UK you can be charged, arrested and tried for such offences even for what is alleged to have taken place 35years ago, if found guilty sentenced to imprisonment. For his own sake and to prove his innocence in all those allegations, ancient and modern that may well be the best route for him, the best for the ladies and the best for SVG. I am sure he will sleep much better if he can get all those nasty untrue accusations out of the way as soon as possible with a not guilty verdict.

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