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 Dwaine Sandy. (IWN file photo)
Dwaine Sandy. (IWN file photo)
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Former national footballer Dwaine Sandy will reappear in court on Friday in connection with two counts of attempted murder and firearm-related charges.

The 26-year-old athlete, an unemployed resident of Brighton, was charged on Monday with the attempted murder of Natterell Stapleton, a 30-year-old farmer of Calder, which occurred at Villa last Wednesday, June 10.

Sandy was also charged with the attempted murder on Martin Davis, a 27-year-old unemployed resident of Villa, which occurred at Villa last Wednesday.


He was also charged possession of an unlicensed firearm and discharging a firearm to endanger life.

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The charges stem from an incident near the Young Island dock, in which the two men were shot.

Stapleton, speaking to I-Witness News from his hospital bed on Thursday, said he sells produce to Young Island Resort and was returning from making a delivery when the shooting occurred.

He said he on his way back to his car near the Young Island dock when four masked men exited a white car.

“They just burst out the car and start to fire shots. So everybody start (sic) to run.

“A lot of us were there at the same time on the dock. Everybody start to run; I start to run too,” said Stapleton, who is originally from Rose Hall.

“But one of the stray bullets catch me in my back. The bullet go (sic) through me back and come through me belly. The doctor said I lucky because is one little inch away from my kidney, but it rupture my intestines,” Stapleton, who underwent surgery to treat his injuries, told I-Witness News.

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2 replies on “Former national footballer charged with attempted murder”

  1. TeacherFang says:

    I guess it was just a matter of time. I recalled a lot of folks, included myself, defended this fool on social media and on this site, when he was arrested for the daylight robbery in Kingstown a couple years ago. Back then, we thought the Police had no real evidence to support their arrest and holding someone indefinitely, without making a charge. Now, he is back in the news, charged with attempted murder; well no arguments coming from this yah one…you on your own…ah wonder if Mr Connell is going to defend him once again, I will assume so, if his service is requested.

    Wey really wrong wid these fools in Vincyland…just shooting up the place and innocent people like if we in the wild wild west…SMH. The criminal elements in Vincyland have become emboldened by the ineptitude of the Police. We need a total restructure of the Police force in terms of policy and personnel.

    Mr Sandy, good luck. You are innocent until proven guilty. But if found guilty…nothing less than 20 years…

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