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MaffieUlan “Maffie” ATWELL was born in the city of Georgetown, in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in the Caribbean. As a young boy growing up in Georgetown, Maffie remembers singing two songs, ‘Row Me Over the Tide Boat Man’ and ‘Come On Ring Those Belles’, which he learnt from his mother. He performed these songs with his sister at a function in December 1985 and they won first place. That was the realization of something he always knew, that he was destined to become a musician/artist.

Maffie began his musical career as a Panist in 1991. He performed in the Pan Festival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines Carnival and played in several different locations on the island. He later became a drummer for the band ‘We Boy Country Style’ from 1992 to 1994. In 1995 he immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia and worked hard to to strengthen and develop his musical abilities. In 1999 Maffie exploded onto the music scene in Vancouver with his first album titled ‘Sweet Wine’, which he composed and produced in association with Dan Shallow. Next, Maffie took his musical abilities to higher heights, producing his albums ‘On Strike’, which included the popular song ‘Pum Pum On Strike’. This album reached number 4 on the Top Ten Music on Hitz FM 103.7 Radio charts in his homeland St. Vincent and the Grenadines and remained one of the most popular Carnival tunes for that year. In 2003 Maffie produced his third album called ‘’SHAKE SHAKE’ and included a mix of Reggae and Soca hits. In May 2004, Maffie and Sam Hope produced the first family album ‘Unity, Reggae, Soca Mix and Master’. He went on to produce ‘Represent’ in 2005, ‘Revolution’ in 2006, ‘Grass Roots Reload Part 1’ in 2007, ‘I’m Who I am’ in 2011 and ‘Patriot’ in 2012.

In addition to producing his own music, Maffie produces music for other groups in his own recording studio. In 2004 he produced the album ‘We Jamming 2004’ for Phase III Steel Band, the number one steel band in Canada. He also recorded and mixed the master music for ‘The Fire Band’ and “Out of Many Band’. He strives to be a better artist and to expand his music career through collaborations with other groups. In 2004 Maffie, in association with African artist Silas Sajjabi, produced ‘Somebody Is Watching Me’. Maffie has been very involved in the pass Recording and producing Soca and Reggae music for other Big names and young artists in his home island of St. Vincent and his second homeland in Vancouver, Canada. Some of these artists are: Luta, Fireman Hooper, Shaunelle Mackenzie, Fafa, Love D, Kayz, Jah Brimstone, Tony Bailey, Ever Cloud, Sarah Karkouch, Peter J, Zukie Joseph & Anthony Jahranimo Smith The lists goes on.

Other highlights from Maffie’s Career:

  1. Organized the band ‘Maffie & Crew’ in October 2002. The band members, internationally known as “The Crew” were of Caribbean heritage and they became one of the best Soca bands in Western Canada. West Coast Reggae Caribbean Music Awards (WRCMA) awarded ‘Maffie & Crew’, the ‘Best Soca/Calypso Band March 19, 2011’.
  2. 2002 ‘Maffie & Crew’ opened for the renowned Vincentian artist, Alston Becket Cyrus in Vancouver.
  3. 2003 ‘Maffie & Crew’ were the back-up band for another Vincentian performer, Winston Soso.
  4. For Over 10 years ‘Maffie & Crew’ Headliner band for the Caribbean Days Festival, Vancouver biggest Caribbean Festival.
  5. For over 10 years ‘Maffie & Crew’ have performed at the Maple Ridge Annual, Street Festival, Africa Days Festival in Vancouver and the Afro-CaribFestival in Victoria.
  6. Recently, they have played at the Fusion Festival in Surrey, Canada.
  7. Back-up band for international Reggae artist Leroy Sibbles, The Tamlins from Jamaica, Trinidadian Soca artist Sanelle Dempster (multiple times) and Crazy, also out of Trinidad.
  8. One of the biggest achievements was in 2013 with the production of ‘Jumbie Riddim’, which took St. Vincent & The Grenadines by storm. Maffie went on to produce another top Riddim called the ‘Vinegar Riddim’ in 2014.

So of course this continuing on that leg Maffie is the producer of not only one top riddim but he is leaving the judgment up to you the fans and readers with his production of the Afropick Riddim featuring Luta’s Anti Social, Mandrakes – Music Make me high and Maffies – Africans, The Puff N Pass Riddim featuring Toney Bailey’s Party, Nice, Problem Child’s Ah Say, Maffie’s Yoga Instructor and Hit song Chronic Disorder Jamsey P aging Maffie Hit Vincy by storm with a out standing Riddim rename by fans Puff Puff and Pass.

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I, Maffie, would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Maffie Productions: first and foremost, to God for the health and strength He has given me to empower myself with confidence, knowledge and determination: my wife and children for their support and coping with my loud music at home. The artists: Problem Child, James Morgan P, Enos Peniston, Rondy Luta McIntosh, Tony Bailey, Recardo R3cka Wilson, Jah Brimstone, Desroy Zenith Adams, Roshorn Duncan and Ytwo Kae. Music engineers: Parry Jack, Adrian Bailey, Dougal Allen and Kamal Archibald. Musicians: Fando Bynoe and Ivan Elva. Photography in 2015: Sharmila Bacchus. Graphics Design: Chad Smith. Printing: Multi Graphics. S.V.G Extended Promotion: Tappa passenger van Extended. Support: Kirk Thomas, Alex Barnell, Sulani Roberts and my brother, Eranus Quashie. Management Support: Shameron Shortte. Media: Vincy Power and Julian Promotions. Last but not least, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to all the fans for supporting and appreciating my music, to all the DJs and Radio Stations that keeping it lock around the world, thank you for pushing the Maffie vibes! A special one to Vancouver Radios C.J.S.F 90.1 FM And Vancouver Coop 100.5 FM, the Caribbean radio programs for never giving up on me. Blessings to all, one love! Thanks for being part of Maffie Productions 2015!

Look out for the collaborative song ‘Carnival, Celebrating Life’ between Maffie and African singer Ytwo Kae of Zambia. This gives you a taste of what bigger and better things are in stored for this St. Vincentian singer/producer/song writer. I’m planning to take Vincy music to new heights in the years to come!

Ulan ”Maffie” Atwell

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