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Miss Carival 2015, Miss SVG -- De Yonté Mayers?. (IWN photo)
Miss Carival 2015, Miss SVG — De Yonté Mayers?. (IWN photo)
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Nineteen-year-old Vincentian De Yonté Mayers was Friday night crowned Miss Carival 2015, keeping the regional title at home for the seventh time since the show started 30 years ago.

Mayers, who became the St. Vincent and the Grenadines delegate when she made a queen sweep of the Miss SVG pageant in May, broke a six-year dearth during which the crown was not won by a Vincentian.

She won the Swimwear, Talent and Evening Gown segments of the regional pageant on her way to taking the crown. (Full story to follow)

Results at a Glance:

  • Miss Carival 2015: Miss SVG — ‪‎De Yonté Mayers
  • First Runner-up: Miss Dominica — ‪‎Odessa Elie
  • Second Runner-up: Miss Barbados — ‪Heidi Barrow
  • Best Swimmer: Miss SVG — ‪‎De Yonté Mayers
  • Best Talent: Miss SVG — ‪‎De Yonté Mayers
  • Best e Evening Gown: Miss SVG — ‪‎De Yonté Mayers
  • Best Interview: Miss Dominica — Odessa Elie
  • Most Community Spirited:
  • Miss Guyana — ‪‎Alicia Bess
  • Miss Congeniality: Miss Barbados – Heidi Barrow
  • Miss Photogenic:
  • Miss SVG – De Yonté Mayers
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4 replies on “SVG wins Miss Carival 2015”

  1. Congratulations Ms. Mayers. It’s good you didnt dissapoint. From the time I saw your performance I kept telling everyone “we winning Ms. Carival this year” and we did. Next step Ms. Universe. You have what it takes.

  2. C. ben-David says:

    So what? Who cares! Those who should not care because they are being deceived by these spectacles.

    Reflect on Karl Marx’s views on ceremony, ritual, religion, etc.: “opium of the people” employed and managed by the ruling class to obscure their day-to-day exploitation of the rest of society.

    We should begin to recognize that those who promote and benefit from Carnival and beauty pageants the most are our ruling elite.

    Few will accept this interpretation simply because they have been so well brainwashed.

    1. Luther Bonadie says:

      You are a real new commer to all this, that doctrine, and messages your preaching has come and gorn.
      Get with reality my friend, this is 2015, not 1968.

      1. C. ben-David says:

        It was true in 1968, 1868, 68 BC, etc. And it is even more true today in little SVG.

        Your comment just shows me how much you have bought into and been fooled by the ancient bread-and-circus political trickery.

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