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Canaries, a section from Nelson Bloc's “Soccer: The Game Of The People”. (IWN photo)
Canaries, a section from Nelson Bloc’s “Soccer: The Game Of The People”. (IWN photo)
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Digicel Nelson Bloc scored gold with “Soccer: The Game Of The People”, amassing 560 points to take the Band of the Year title for the first time in a decade. (Scroll for full album)

Last year’s winner, Guinness Y De Lima Hitz FM 103.7 FM Blondie Bird & Friends, saw their wings clipped as the 17 points that separated them from the first place winners came into focus, providing that “Illusion — Never See Come See” had clouded their focus on the first prize.

O.T. Tyre SVG Players International Mas Band placed third with “Masquerade”, which amassed 514 points, while “Candy World”, a production of High Voltage Mas Production was forth with 492 points.

Lime Ahdrenalin Mas Band placed fifth with the 488 points it earned from “An Eastern Travelogue”.

(Go to the I-Witness News Facebook page for photos of each band)

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