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  1. Do you seriously expect to win the upcoming general elections with a man who has been rejected in the three previous elections at the helm of the party?
  2. Do you think that your association with Wellington Ramos helped or hurt the party’s chances at winning the next elections?
  3. If a man who has been accused of rape can successfully and honesty lead his party to victory in the last general election, what does that say about his opponent?
  4. How exactly do entities such as the War Room, the Movement, etc. help the NDP’s cause?
  5. Do you think the banishment of your party’s founder Sir James Mitchell helped or hurt the party?
  6. You were adamant that the PM must demit office over the rape allegations but is there any truth to the rumours that one of your candidates has either raped or sexually molested countless females in SVG?
  7. When the airstrip at Baliceaux is completed, is it only flies and mosquitoes which are going to land there?
  8. What the hell is a wind shifter?

Chattie Chattie

The opinions presented in this content belong to the author and may not necessarily reflect the perspectives or editorial stance of iWitness News. Opinion pieces can be submitted to [email protected].

5 replies on “Some questions for the NDP”

  1. Allow me to answer these questions with questions.

    1. How many times was Ralph Gonsalves rejected, and was it on the back of electoral success or a political deal which secured his assent? Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    2. Is Ramos bread or butter, he is not a job or an electricty bill? Do you really think the average citizen is as preoccupied as the ULP cohort with Ramos?

    3. Why should it say anything when politics is characterized by the ceaseless discharge of accusations? By your logic Cummings who is accused of stoning a church is a hell of a candidate init mate?

    4. How does this article help the ULP? Are people not free to express themseleves or are all such experessions offensive to the ruling regime?

    5. IS he banished? He seems to be wining cases left right and centre, oh and has the political neutering of Vincent Beach aided the ULP?

    6. Can you be more specific as to the candidate and are these allegations public and have they passed through the legal circuits only to be nolle prosequi by a DPublicP who was once a ULP senator?

    7. Can you furnish tangible proof of any such plan to build any such structure at Balliceaux?

    8. Can you not google it?

  2. Propagandist filth, designed only hurt the opposition and is not a genuine set of questions. I am surprised by Kenton in publishing this; I doubt he would take it from me.

    1/ Yes because Eustace is a decent man as your question also implies when talking of Gonsalves and rape allegations. The only possible harm that can be now done to Eustace is the obvious election fraud that is previously and is currently being organised in his constituency by you know who, and so do we.

    2/ The connection is not really with Ramos it’s via Ramos with the international movement of the Garifuna. Ramos is but a mere tool on behalf of the Garifuna and on my checking him out he has never been accused of rape against men, women or children. The Garafuna is nothing to do with elections; it’s a humanitarian matter, which has been rejected by Gonsalves.

    3/ At the last three elections the ULP has got less seats each time under the leadership of Gonsalves who you rightly say has been accused of rape, but I will add also accused by a series of women of sexual assault, that was the word that the DPP gave to a US news paper.

    4/ The ‘War Room’ have nothing whatsoever to do with the NDP, to suggest such is propagandist filth. You are probably talking about the Warroom 2 which is predominantly ULP with some NDP spies mixed in.

    5/ Sir James Mitchell banished himself from the NDP, he chose to collaborate with Gonsalves for what ends history will judge. From what I viewed recently he has been in cahoots with Gonsalves for a long time.

    6/ That is a scurrilous and untrue accusation, no NDP candidate has ever been charged with rape, or even accused of rape, if that was in anyway true the ULP would have shouted about it from every rooftop. it’s no wonder you were afraid to put a name to what you wrote. Your suggestion of such a matter is propagandist filth. Point to where this matter is written anywhere else but by you.

    7/ What airstrip, you propagandist twerp?

    8/ You should be able to answer that yourself because you are one, it’s the same as $#it shover.

    What ever disunites man from God, also disunites man from man. Edmund Burke

  3. Questions for you too.How many times did Gonsalves contest and lost and what percentage of the votes he obtained when he lost?Why is Vincent Beache still being paid by taxpayers hard earn money?Who said he will pursue the vagabonds until they no longer exist then went in parliarrment and denied ever saying so?Who referred to Vincent Beache as a coconut bat and now has him as his so-called advisor and as chairman on so many boards?Under which government was civil servants promoted when they stole taxpayers money?Which prime minister has referred to vincentians in the most derogatory terms?

  4. I have serious problems with someone who is supposed to be entering a serious debate, is asking questions but who does not even have the fortitude of mind, the honesty, the conviction he/she professes, to write stating his/her own name. “Chattie Chatie” indeed! How puerile can you get? I won’t even bother to state my suspicions about who “Chattie Chatttie” is, since anyone hiding behind a pseudonym is going to deny his connection with this supposedly serious list of questions.

  5. 1.I certainly hope so. As there are only 2 to choose from, I would rather have Mr Eustace looking after the welfare of my country and representing me on an international stage.

    2.Is it any worse that Ralph’s, and his current candidate Luke Browne, association with the late Colonel Gaddaffi.

    3.Unfortunately this is not bad a reflection on Mr Eustace but a poor reflection on the Vincentian people. I see this in the same way as I see a woman who chose to go back to the man who abuses her instead of choosing the man who loves her and looks after her but may have a minor ‘fault’. Does it mean that the second man is worse than the abuser – no. All you can do is hope that she comes to her senses before he ends up killing her.

    4.Can’t comment here as I know nothing of these.

    5.Was Mr Mitchell banished or did he choose a different path more akin to his personal goals?

    6.The Prime Minister should have left office to publicly defend his name; no one can rationally deny that. If there is a member of the NDP who has been [ACCUSED of] rape then please name them as there will be a public record so there should be no cause for a defamation of character suit.

    7.Please expand – who’s building this?

    8.I wish I knew.

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