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The VIlla campus of the Community College. (IWN file photo)
The VIlla campus of the Community College. (IWN file photo)
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Police in Calliaqua are investigating a burglary at the Villa Campus of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) on the weekend during which a vault containing cash was stolen.

Detective Assistant Superintendent of Police Sydney James told I-Witness News on Tuesday that the vault contained an undisclosed amount of money.

When contacted Tuesday afternoon, Nigel Scott, director of the SVGCC, told I-Witness News: “That’s not a story. Surely there are things happening in the country that are more important. No comment.”

However, a college official, who is not authorised to speak to the media, told I-Witness News separately on Tuesday that staff members had asked questions about how the College would respond to media inquiries about the burglary.

A separate source close to the College told I-Witness News that the vault is believed to contain monies that the College collected for student registration.

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Nigel Scott, director of College, said the burglary was not a news story. (IWN file photo)
Nigel Scott, director of College, said the burglary was not a news story. (IWN file photo)

“It is a lot of money,” the source said, but declined to comment further on the amount.

The College’s website says that students are required to pay fees ranging from EC$640 to EC$875 at registration.

A source said that some 2,000 students are believed to have registered at the various campuses and divisions of the college this year.

A source said that is not the first time that monies are going missing at the college, though not via burglary.

“Somebody should be made to pay back that money,” the source said, questioning why so much cash was left at the College on the weekend.

The source further disclosed that a “junior worker” is paying back EC$2,300 that went missing.

According to the source, someone stole the money, but the junior worker was responsible for its safekeeping and has been made to repay the amount.

6 replies on “Theft of vault of cash at Community College ‘not a story’ — Director”

  1. You once more see the ignorance of so called English speaking scholars. A vault is a strong room or large safe that you can walk into. I doubt if anyone could steal a vault because they are built in and surrounded by steel bar and concrete. They are probably referring to a safe, which come in all different sizes. It would a appropriate to say what size the safe was, because if it was small enough for two or three men to lift and take away then whoever put the money in that over a weekend should be sent home and held responsible for it.

  2. Students money missing and that’s not a story. He got that right, it a theft. What’s going on in SVG? That money should have been deposited in a bank account and not stored onsite. It’s time they start using cheques for all transactions. This looks very much like an inside job. As for the police investigation: they have to see a crime committed before they lay charges. They hate paper work and lack the ability to gather information to bring cases to a close. They just close the case.

  3. Patrick Ferrari says:

    Big theft is not a story? And he is in charge of a teaching/learning institution? No wonder crime is so rampant in the country.

    Nigel Scott is as immoral as they come. Tell me, does he have children? Then keep them from near my premises, dread.

    Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams win nearly all the time. At least as often as crime here is. Yet, it is a story when they do. Is Scott saying that the press has it wrong?

    About the theft of the money in his charge, Scott had this to say: “That is not a story. Surely there are things happening in the country that are more important. No comment.” Mout open, story jump out. It was comment too much, Scott; only you cannot hear it. It was more than a comment; he lay open the door to his psyche – for all to see.

    Theft is not a story is the embodiment of a corruption of judgement and it works like this. I would like to think that at some point, in his youth, perhaps, theft would have alienated Scott. Now, clearly, it does not. At this juncture, thank Jah, some things still do – “surely (still, an expression of doubt) there are things happening that are more important (than theft).” Like murder, I presume. The way Scott seemed to be headed, he will, in due course, corrupt his judgement enough so that murder, too, will not be a story. Have mercy, how soon you reckon, Scottie, muh man?

  4. Mr Scott you are so right.This is definitely not a story.This is just business as usual under this ULP government.All one has to do is to be closely affiliated to ULP and things nice.Put your hands in the cookie jar and a promotion is awaiting you.

  5. Now, now Peter! How do you mean “should be sent home and held responsible for it”? You don’t hear the man say it’s “not a story” and there are more important things happening in St Vincent? After all, is only the student-dem registration fees. What do they matter? The more important thing is that nobody should ever say that the authorities are careless (we won’t use a worse term for it; I hope the director appreciates how nice I’m being) Didn’t whoever was responsible lock it in a vault? OK Peter, so it’s not REALLY a vault but WE call it a vault so vault it is. After all you couldn’t really expect them to have (a) a access to the safety deposit box at a bank or (b) use their precious time to go to a bank to deposit money on a Friday, do you?

    1. There could have been in excess of a million dollars in the safe, so how much actually was there and what is the reward for information leading to recovery and conviction?

      Pat I was going to naughty and jokingly say perhaps the money has gone to the airport but decided not to say that.

      If they make the reward offer the culprits will be found in 48 hours.

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