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Sir Vincent Beache. (IWN file photo)
Sir Vincent Beache. (IWN file photo)
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An opposition lawmaker has described as “corruption” the Unity Labour Party government’s appointment of retired politician and former minister of national security, octogenarian, Vincent Beache, as a director of multiple government businesses and agencies.

MP for Central Kingstown, St. Clair Leacock, made the assertion on Saturday as he addressed a New Democratic Party (NDP) campaign rally in Redemption Sharpes.

Leacock, who is seeking a second term as MP for the constituency, made the claim as said he takes politics one election at a time.

“I can’t tell you I am trying to run for the next election because power is for a time only … And if the good Lord gives me the opportunity to serve this time, I say thank Jesus and if he finds me in good health the next time, you the people will decide if there is more juice left in me,” said Leacock, who is one of two NDP vice-presidents.

“But I tell you, if Vincent Beache, at 84, could be in charge of giving gun license, advising the Commissioner of Police, be on PetroCaribe board, PDVSA SVG, East Caribbean Group, VINLEC, the Cadet Force and God knows what he is not on, then I too have a long political history ahead of me,” Leacock said of Beache, who earlier this year, become chair of the Board of Directors of the state-owned Housing and Land Development Corporation.

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“In fact, … and I hope the journalists take note of this: on the corrupt practice there alone, where a sitting prime minister takes an 84-year-old person and puts him on eight boards at the expense of the youth of the nation, he should be dismissed for all times from governance in any country,” Leacock said.

“It is corruption of the highest order and I do not care, I will stand the onslaught of any and every member of the ULP because we must rid ourselves from that type of devious practice where we are overfulling (sic) the belly of one house,” Leacock told party supporters.

Beache exited active politics in 2005, when his son, Glen Beache, replaced him as candidate and later MP for South Windward, before quitting politics five years later himself.

The older Beache is also a former national security advisor to the government.

3 replies on “Placing Sir Vincent on multiple boards is ‘corruption’ — MP”

  1. This is how labour loves the youths who the PM say should soar as eagles with their wings unclipped yet he would not send home Vincent Beache to make room for the many youths who graduate from educational institutions every year.It will be very interesting to know the true reason for this.He can find money to pay Beache all these exorbitant salaries yet he can,t pay the teachers the one month salary.By the way what are the unions doing.I thought they had industrial actions planned.What if elections are called tomorrow and NDP wins?They will finally get back their manhood because they only have strength for Mr Eaustace and the NDP.

  2. You must remember it’s all part of the reward for joining our Labour Party with the Marxist MNU.

    A Knighthood, top paid jobs for his son, directorships on 8 state owned companies, that was the price of allowing Gonsalves to take control of the newly formed ULP and getting him into the position of prime minister.

    So the ULP came with the cloaked Marxism from the MNU, they would never have been elected to government as a Marxist party so they had a cloak specially woven for them by Vincent Beach.

    Giving an 83 year old hundreds of thousands of dollars when there are hundreds of young university graduates cleaning gutters and cutting verges, its indecent. Its indecent for Gonsalves to sanction this and its grossly indecent for Beache to accept it.

  3. Personally, I don’t think that “corruption” is the right term to use here. Unless there is proven wrong doing. I don’t know the background of Mr Vincent Beache and I wouldn’t question his abilities here. I would query the need for an 84 year old to be functioning in all of those roles. What about the younger MP’s give them a chance to show some drive, determination and good sense to succed, how can they do that with one person capitalising in all eight of these roles. It is a however a “conflict of interest” for one person to monopolise all of those roles.

    Premier Gonsalves – You yourself cast the questions about the NDP utilising the same old politicians and I saw your younger MP’s behind you at the Georgetown campaign trail in August. You surely have the skills – so share the jobs out.

    Forward Saint Vincent

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